Sunday, May 30, 2010



• Opening
• Amazing Grace, Leeann Rimes
• Spoken word, Jimmy Z
• Sky Pilot, The Animals (excerpt)
• Trace Adkins with the West Point Cadet Glee Club
• Fox 11 report, US Marines homecoming
• God Bless The USA, Lee Greenwood
• KISS: Concert Tribute to the Troops
• United States Marine Band: America The Beautiful
• Spoken word, Jimmy Z
• Some Gave All, Billy Ray Cyrus
• Spoken word, President Ronald Reagan
• Sacred Ground, Jimmy Z, with lyrics by SonlitKnight
• Gene Simmons: Musical tribute to the US Military
• God Bless America, Kate Smith
• Battle Hymn of the Republic, US Army Band and Chorus
• US Marine Corps Cadence: Chesty Puller Said Before He Died
• The Star Spangled Banner: US Marine Band

Show notes & links, Audio and video (in no particular order)
Facebook: No Greater Love (bonus - not used in the program)
Fox News: Families of the Fallen (bonus - not used in the program)
YouTube: Marine Corps Cadence, Chesty Puller Said Before He Died
YouTube: The True Meaning of Memorial Day
YouTube: Trace Adkins and the West Point Cadet Glee Club USMA ACM 2009
Vimeo: VJ Day, Honolulu, Hawaii, August 14, 1945
YouTube: Gene Simmons Military Tribute
YouTube: 'Sacred Ground', by Jimmy Z and SonlitKnight
YouTube: KISS Tribute to the troops 2004
YouTube: Reagan's Memorial Day remarks, 1984
Fox LA: Marines and Sailors return home
YouTube: Billy Ray Cyrus, Some Gave All

Friday, May 28, 2010

Notes from 'Reality Check' 28 May 2010

The Father of the Euro discusses Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), which can effectively replace the US Dollar as the world's reserve currency ~ a forerunner of a global monetary system:

This discusses the merit of creating a "currency basket" that will diversify the revenue, and why a world currency in the form of SDRs, will offset risk ~ this being "proven" in the decline of the USD, Euro, Yuan, etc.

Obama discussing the merit of Global Governance and a New World Order with West Point Cadets, etc.:

European Integration as a Region State, replacing Nation States, like the USA:

How the EU was started decades ago, with The Father of the Euro admitting in his memoirs before passing away, that the treaties, economic ties, etc. were forerunners of the long-term plan of uniting Europe into a single regional state with a single currency:

This transfer of national powers to a "Community" to be exercised by its Commission was paralled under the 1957 Treaty of Rome establishing the European Atomic Energy Community (or Euroatom) and the European Economic Community (EEC) in Brussels.

In 1967, the Merger Treaty (or Brussels Treaty) combine the institutions of the ECSC and Euratom into that of the EEC. They already shared a Parliamentary Assembly and Courts. Collectively they were known as the European Communities. In 1987, the Single European Act (SEA) was the first major revision of the Treaty of Rome that formally established the single European market and the European Political Cooperation. The Communities still had independent personalities although were increasingly integrated, and over the years were transformed into what is now called the European Union.

China calls for reform of global monetary system:

Emphasis on nuking the USD in favor of SDR baskets...



Free Trade Area of the Americas:

Saturday, May 1, 2010