Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Help set the record straight before the anti-gun media destroys our Second Amendment freedoms.

Dear Jz,
Right now, Congress is being bombarded with phony media polls that say Americans like you want MORE gun control laws.
CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN all claim that you WANT more restrictions on gun ownership, WANT bans on handguns, and WANT mandatory gun registration.
In fact, a recent poll conducted by Time magazine claims 62% of Americans want to BAN all semi-automatic firearms, including all commonly owned hunting rifles, shotguns and pistols.
An NBC News poll claims that a MAJORITY of Americans think gun control laws should be "made more strict."
How could these polls be so wrong? Because they didn't ask YOU where you stand on your Second Amendment rights.
That's why I need you to complete the NRA Emergency Gun Rights Survey that I've prepared for you today. Your completed survey is the best weapon NRA has in our battle to protect your Second Amendment rights on Capitol Hill.
The fact is, when I go to Capitol Hill to meet with your elected officials, this is the one survey about gun rights that matters to them most.
But I can't let your Congressman and Senators know the truth about where you stand on the Second Amendment unless you fill out your survey today.
The talking heads on the nightly news don't own guns. The editorial board at The New York Times doesn't go hunting. They don't shoot.
And they certainly don't think YOU should ever be trusted -- under ANY circumstances -- to own a gun for ANY reason.
So please, go here right now to answer 10 important questions concerning your Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms. I need you to take just a few minutes of your time to help send a powerful message to Congress and the media.
If you don't speak for yourself, the media will speak for you.
And these media elites know that if they tell their anti-gun lies often enough -- it won't be long before they create an environment where your rights are ripe for the picking…
An environment where gun-ban politicians feel safe when they vote for more restrictions on your Second Amendment freedoms.
Thank you for your help, and I look forward to receiving your completed survey as soon as possible.
Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President
National Rifle Association
P.S. Please direct your friends to NRA needs as many survey responses as possible so we can fight back against the anti-gun media's lies.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's not like I can protect this or make money off of it, nor do I have the money to produce it, but for the record, in case my idea takes off you'll know you heard it here first: The "Republican Infomercial" Idea.

Check out this idea my good friend and I formulated. The reason I'm telling you is because people have mentioned that there are hundreds of political ads that could speak to the truth of Obama and the lies that has has told.

So at night we've all seen these informercials, right? The 30 minute TV shows that are in fact commercials? So here's my idea, which I have sent to the RNC, and Reince Preibus the Chairman.

In a parody of the title of Bill Maher's show 'Real Time With Bill Maher', we call this "show" 'Real Truth with Sarah Palin.' It's a talk show. Nice stage, desk, the whole thing. House band is Gary Sinese's Lt. Dan Band. Rockin' theme song, and Sarah comes out, delivers a little monologue with a couple of jokes at the expense of Obama, and then she brings out a guest. Could be anyone - one of the guys from Breitbart or Real Clear Politics, and they play some claims by Obama, and refute them with the real information.

You take a break, but it's an informercial, so the break is really a 60 second ad for the website that publishes all of this truth vs. Obama's lies that are covered on 'Real Truth with Sarah Palin'. We come back, Lt. Dan Band is rocking the house, Sarah says 'welcome back, we have...' and it's maybe someone from the Tea Party or a Super PAC, and they talk again about specifics - what Obama said, and what the truth is. Obama said he would cut the deficit in HALF during his first term in office, and the deficit has spiraled out of control. Like you said, there are hundreds of such examples.

At the end of the half hour Sarah says, "we'll be back next time with much more! Don't miss the next episode!" and there are a series of these infomercials. The RNC and/or super PACs will have to buy time and get these "shows" on television, after 1130pm or so, and people WILL watch them. Conservatives of course but liberals too because they will want to talk about what a dunce Sarah is.

And most important, this will cause a huge earthquake in liberal talk show land! The TV pundits and hosts on CNN and MSNBC will go nuts - trying to control the damage. And by doing so they'll bring more attention to the shows on TV. The episodes of "Real Truth with Sarah Palin" will be available on the "Real Truth" website, along with all of the links and data that was talked about on any given show.

Also, these infomercials will be on Youtube where anyone and everyone can see them and spread them around anytime. Every two or three weeks, another episode is released with more documentation of what Obama has said, and what he actually did. One lie after another.

It doesn't have to be fancy, but professional looking. Has to have great sound, great high definition presentation. And the band has to rock because it can't be just some crap that people laugh at. It has to be great music. That alone will piss off the left. And it almost has to be Sarah Palin hosting the show. Instantly recognizable and instantly LOVED by the right, and instantly HATED by the left. The liberals would not be able to look away!

And that would be a game changer over the three or four months before the election. Remember, you read it here first.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I am GI Jane (not my true name) and I am have been a Reservist for over 2 decades and I am a former Army wife. I strongly object to the military being turned into a social experiment. 

I think immediate negative changes in having gays in the military will be more noticeable first on the active duty side. Particularly in the Marine’s. Recently a US Commission has recommended to the Pentagon that women should to be allowed to go much closer to combat. I have never agreed to such action. So here we have a possible scenario: a butch lesbian and a very effeminate gay male walking point or being in a foxhole. That visual does not give me confidence. Will effeminate males be allowed to put on mascara? I think allowing gays in the military will be more of a problem for our males than females. 
Ok so I know that Israel also allows gays to serve and so do 24 other countries.  But what thoughts go around in my head is Sodom and Gomorrah. How much sin will God allow to happen before He lifts his hedge of protection and our economy collapses and our military turns into a bunch of pansies? And what will happen to the blood supply for the military? Will it it get infected by AID's, Gonorrhea, etc. because these sexually transmitted diseases may also increase amongst military members thru the higher rate of homosexual casual sex? But it still comes back to how will God view this. He is not bound by PC politics.
In the koran burning situation the muslims have made that an opportunistic excuse for their poor level of morality and a excuse for out right murder. What will happen if one of our homosexual military members gets taken hostage... how long do you think they will last under captivity? I’m not taking about their resolve but I am talking about their being gay and more of a target to be beheaded. Instead of surviving they will be murdered and there will be no chance of release.

Here is what I saw someone post online about this koran burning situation that I think is the truth about this situation:
"What the Liberal Media and the Obama Administration will not tell America is that the Qurans and other religious materials were burned because Military leaders discovered they contained extremist messages or inscriptions. The Moslems were actually writing messages on the pages of the Qur’an. Which is strange since it is haram: forbidden and considered blasphemy to write on or inside a Qur’an. Our Military had no choice but to burn the Qur’ans and other materials. They could have torn out the pages with the messages, but the Moslems would have considered that an attack on Islam and “allah”. SO, as far as I am concerned the Military did the right thing. I find it ironic that they were outraged by the burning of the Qur’ans, but not about Moslems defacing the Qur’ans. Of course anything done to further the cause of Islam and destroy America is praised by Moslems. Condoning the murders of our Marines and all the excessive apologies are not only shameful political correctness, but weak minded submission to Islamic law. Christians do not rampage or shoot people when a Bible, is written on, burned, or thrown away. We even have constitutional rights to allow those things in the name of Freedom of Speech. The outrageous and barbaric response of the rioting Moslems proves that Islam is not a religion of peace. Also, the offensive and spineless actions of Barack Obama and his Administration has weakened the image of our Nation and spit upon the graves of the dead Marines. ~ Dawn Ellen"

In my opinion the military has a noticeable rape and sexual assault problem due in part to alcoholism, other drugs/medications, PTSD, TBI caused in large part due to repeated combat tours and loose morals. Casual affairs and infidelity have always been common in the military. 

And then there are muslim’s in the military. I have the most problem with this one. Their allegiance is to islam and islam’s sharia law. Given that... will they give away vital positions, tactics, troop strength, etc. to our enemies? We have members of the muslim brotherhood in the White House who are privy to top secret information and that does not give me confidence in the Commander-In-Chief. We are being subverted at every point Jimmy. 
I am glad I am getting out so that I will not have to be concerned about any constraints the military can put on me. My hero’s are not anyone in the military because frankly the military has been mislead to believe that they are sole defenders of the land and it’s people. That is not quite correct. My oath says to defend the document called the Constitution against foreign attack (physical) and against domestic attack via politics and sharia law - a co-existing of foreign lawIn 23 states sharia law is conflicting with US law. This is a direct assault on the Constitution. What are my fellow military members doing to adhere to their Oaths? Not nearly enough. Sharia is by design a complete and all-encompassing doctrine. It dictates not only the rules governing religious practice but all other aspects of life as well. It is hostile toward American freedoms in a number of ways, as it denies liberties that are guaranteed to us by the U.S. Constitution. Sharia and its instrument of expansion and implementation – jihads of both the violent and stealth kinds – constitute sedition.

[One of the best articles illustrating the deference between the liberty given by the Constitution and the tyranny given by islam. The two cannot co-exist.] View the chart's on this site labeled: "U.S. Constitutional Republic form of government" and "Islamic Sharia Law."

In this video a muslim cleric is being shockingly honest. No taqiyya (lying on behalf of allah) and what he is saying he means and is the truth about :  "Shocking: Muslim Cleric Answers "What Is Islam?"
More links to view and there are many, many links not added: [shows US law by it’s TITLE > PART > CHAPTER I.E. United States Laws on Treason, Sedition, Subversive Activities and Incitement]
[The Center for Security Policy’s report, Shariah Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases evaluates 50 Appellate Court cases from 23 states that involve conflicts between Shariah (Islamic law) and American state law.]

 "A Republican congressional candidate in upcoming Illinois primary denies the Holocaust, calling it 'the blackest lie in history.'"
[Dhimmis and Dhimmitude: The Status of Minorities Under Islamic Rule]
Obama Admits He Is A Muslim [Shows just how close islam is to the current US president.]
Geert Wilders. Obssesion Radical Islam's War Against the West 8 of 9 .

Sunday, March 4, 2012


These are the biggest advertisers to pull their support of The Rush Limbaugh Show, due to the ridiculous whining from liberals about Sandra Fluke being called a 'slut'. Of course, no one cried foul when Bill Maher said that Michele Bachmann's husband should f*@! her angrily - no, that was just fine.

Please contact these companies and let them know that you will be spreading the message of boycotting them. Do it now, do it today, and do it often. --Jz

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