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• One of Conservatism's Biggest Problems


One thing online that is proliferating at a shocking rate is the poison that is disinformation in the name of conservatism. Liberals and Democrats (redundant, I know) have been engaging in disinformation and falsehood for decades. Now, it seems that some conservatives have decided that we should use the same tactic on our side for both increased traffic online and to try and "hurt" liberals. The practice is actually dis-informing conservatives who believe this junk.

The example here is a quote by Dianne Feinstein posted in this graphic by someone on Facebook who goes by the name 'Save The 2nd Amendment.' But the fact is, Dianne Feinstein never said any such thing. It was a "quote" attributed to her in a satire piece at the Palookaville Post.

The following is a dialogue I had with the owner/operator of the 'Save The 2nd Amendment' Facebook page. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Defending this kind of disinformation online is inexcusable:
Jimmy Z: The Feinstein quote is fake. She never said this. It's a quote from a comedy website. Satire. NOT REAL.

Save The 2nd Amendment: It is not in quotations and it is a meme, dude you didn't believe it did you. It's a meme! Not an article from the Washington Post. The reason it is a satire is it sounds like something the moron would say.

Jz: Most of the folks who click it and view it and share it believe it! You are purposely deceiving people without a specific note about it's origin and the source (Palookaville Post). If you KNOW this not a real quote, that's even worse.



Jz: I'm going by the people who are reacting and commenting to the graphic you posted. Yes, there are a lot of gullible people online. You did NOT make clear that this was satire. I don't know if most gun owners are able to tell - the reason it is good satire is because it really is difficult to tell if its real or not. But the comments show us that many people believe it to be true! But, I have done MY part to correct the situation (I then posted a link to the graphic above).


Jz: I'm not advertising anything, silly. This was a private message. You should clarify your dishonest graphic. I talked with a friend of mine about all of this, over breakfast this morning. He was thinking the same thing I was saying - the tactic of spreading disinformation is used against us. Once liberals prove that conservatives are spreading quotes that are NOT true, they use it against us effectively. You are facilitating this. Feinstein has said many things, in reality, that are much more damaging to her about gun confiscation - we should be focused on what she did say, not spreading false quotes that people take as being true. That's my position and it is the TRUE conservative position. Truth over fiction, and when writing satire it needs to be made clear it is satire. Thanks for your time.
So, that's that. Another failed attempt to convince a fellow 'conservative' to shape up and fly right. -Jz

Thursday, April 25, 2013

• Rhode Island Legislature votes for 'gay marriage'

Rhode Island Legislature votes for "gay marriage" after two "pro-family" Senators cave during Judiciary Committee vote.
(Mass Resistance)

This was so close to being stopped . . . then:

On Tuesday, after weeks of pressure, two key "pro-family" Rhode Island State Senators caved in to the homosexual lobby and switched their votes, causing the Senate Judiciary Committee to pass the "gay marriage" bill by a 7-4 vote, and send it to the full Senate.

Wednesday it passed the Senate by 26 to 12. The Governor has said he will sign it. Opposition to the bill came exclusively from Democrats. All five Senate Republicans supported the "gay marriage" bill.

Senate Judiciary Committee was seen as the barrier to passage

Back in January the "gay marriage" bill had easily passed the in the House with great fanfare. But it was widely known that the Senate Judiciary Committee had a fairly solid one-vote margin in favor of traditional marriage, and it would likely be killed there. In addition, the Judiciary Committee Chairman and the Senate President both publicly supported traditional marriage. Thus, if those two Senators had held firm, the Committee vote would have been 6-5 and the "gay marriage" bill would have died.

Two turncoat "pro-family" Senators

The two Senators, Sen. William Conley (D-East Providence) and Sen. Leonidas Reptakis (D-Coventry), are both known for their pro-family religious beliefs. Conley is a strong Catholic. Reptakis is a member of a solid Greek Orthodox Church. In both local churches, the priest is a vocal supporter of traditional marriage. Their support seemed to be solid.
Men of infamy: Rhode Island State Senators William Conley (left) and Leonidas Reptakis.  Their capitulation caused "gay marriage" to be imposed on the state.
But they were successfully targeted over the last several weeks with unrelenting pressure from the statewide homosexual lobby, teamed up with homosexual activists in their districts. In both cases, they caved despite last-minute pleas from their churches and priests. According to one major pro-family activist, just days ago their priests had said that Conley and Reptakis were solidly on our side.

It was shocking to pro-family activists. Back in January, Reptakis had told a local newspaper: "I believe in a traditional marriage between a man and a woman. That's my personal opinion." Conley was also considered a man of principle. But last month Reptakis told the press that he'd been getting 30 to 40 phone calls every day on the issue. It was the beginning of the end.

Decision by pro-family Senate leadership not to interfere

The Committee Chairman, Sen. Michael McCaffrey, had plenty of incentive to do what he could to stop "gay marriage" from seeing the light of day in his committee. Last year, homosexual activists ran a candidate against him. He still won, but according to reports, he had to raise $60,000 to do it.

Senate President Paiva Weed supports traditional marriage, but agreed that no attempt would be made to subvert the will of the others on holding a vote, even though she could also have easily bottled up the bill. This a change from two years ago. Weed did help stop the previous "gay marriage" bill in 2011, but as a consolation supported the bill for homosexual civil unions that passed in Rhode Island later that year (though that bil was opposed by pro-family groups including MassResistance).

Bungled legislative strategy

For some inexplicable reason, neither McCaffrey nor the Senate President decided to force a Committee vote immediately or soon after the March 21 public hearing,  but instead let it linger for weeks until the homosexual movement was able to successfully pressure the two Senators. Had the vote been taken right away, it would most likely have gone our way. One insider told us that it was just a tactical error, given everything else going on.

The night before Tuesday's Judiciary Committee vote, homosexual activists were already celebrating. They knew the vote was going their way, and gathered in a local Episcopal church, according to reports. But just to be sure, the activists packed the Committee room during the formal vote for an extra dose of intimidation should any of the politicians have second thoughts.
Homosexual activists filled the hearing room for the Judiciary Committee vote on Wednesday.
[Photo: Providence Journal]

Constitutional amendment rejected by Committee

At the same meeting on Tuesday, the Judiciary Committee also rejected the alternative "gay marriage" bill, a State Constitutional Amendment writing "gay marriage" into the Constitution (which would have also required a statewide vote in order to pass). This bill was not popular with the homosexual lobby but had been endorsed as a so-called "compromise" by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and several Senators. (We don't know why they would support that bill, unless it was to buy more time.)

Strong message from Archdiocese unheeded

The day before the Committee vote, Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of the Diocese of Providence sent out the following statement to the (largely Catholic) legislature:
"As the Rhode Island Senate prepares to take action on legislation that would seek to legitimize 'same-sex marriage,' I once again urge members of the Senate to stand strong in resisting this immoral and unnecessary proposition and to defend marriage and family as traditionally defined. We should be very clear about this: it is only with grave risk to our spiritual well-being and the common good of our society that we dare to redefine what God himself has created. My prayer is that the senators will have all the wisdom and courage they need to do the right thing in this moment of decision."

Sunday, April 21, 2013

• Kevin Jackson & Friday's Supposed 'Police State'


I really hate to do this - Kevin Jackson is a smart guy, a conservative black American, but honestly? I think he's getting a little full of himself. Some might argue that you can't fault success, but hell, Alex Jones is very successful and he's doing genuine damage to the conservative cause in America. So let me out line what's happening.

Recently, Kevin wrote the following about the killing and capture of both terrorist suspects last Friday:
"Have you considered how much more of OUR money was spent chasing TWO, repeat TWO cockroaches?! Millions of dollars, an entire city of 4.7M people on lockdown to find TWO punks. Governor Rick Perry had to be laughing at this idea, given that Texans are ARMED, and some citizens would have dispatched these two Muslim terrorists with a quickness.

"Instead, Bostonians were told to "stay in your homes." Let the government spend MILLIONS of dollars to do what somebody could do with $3.48 in bullets. Stay in your homes and be scared, because Big Brother has your back. The same Big Brother who carried FULLY automatic REAL assault rifles in chasing the perps."

I'm sorry, but Kevin Jackson is playing to the conspiracy kook "police state" crowd. These are the people who have been purposely mischaracterizing the work of law enforcement on Friday in Massachusetts as a "police state", "martial law" and a "test run to take over the whole country." This is really poisonous stuff, no question about it, and the FBI, The Boston Police Department and various police and sheriff's departments involved do not deserve it.

As much as I like Mr. Jackson, he's been buying into a lot of the conspiracy theory twaddle over the last year or so (probably because it does sell). This is sad. Hate to say it but this time he's off his nut. No, we do NOT wait for citizens to hunt down and shoot criminals. That's anarchy at best. It's dangerous as hell too - you end up getting innocent people shot, people who were mis-identified by inexperienced citizens running around with guns trying to catch bad guys.

It's so preposterous that I hate even having to explain it, and this is just ONE reason why it makes zero sense. We hire law enforcement for a reason, and it is the crazed, paranoid losers who listen to and believe people like Alex Jones who are sewing distrust in our police and the FBI. No one in Massachusetts lost any freedom; In fact, freedom was protected on Friday. The people who live in the Watertown, MA area lined up along the streets and cheered the heroes who caught the bad guys. It is truly exemplary work that was done, and both terrorists were caught and killed within three and a half days after the bombing.

God bless the FBI, the Boston PD and all other police departments and sheriffs' offices who played a part in killing and capturing the two bomb-wielding Islamic terrorists responsible. They are all heroes. This was not martial law, this was not a police state - this was clearly, to anyone watching, a case of a clear and present danger.

Have a listen to Brian Suits, in Los Angeles on Saturday night. It's just 60 seconds but its the most important thing I've heard on the radio since the whole thing began last Monday:

"It's called 'clear and present danger,' folks. Did you all not make '24' the number one show for eight years?" -Brian Suits

One more thing Mr. Jackson wrote:
"If you are tired of upside-down government, then you know what my team does... We want to get the PEOPLE to uprise against this gangster government, and we won't follow anybody."
Just what the hell does "we want to get the PEOPLE to uprise [sic] against this gangster government" mean? How does this manifest itself? Pretty incendiary. Is he talking coup d'état or what? And who is the leader? Every group is lead by someone. If you're not going to follow anyone, all you have are individuals. This kind of rhetoric is troubling at best - destructive and damaging to conservatism at worst.

I realize that Kevin's audience is bigger than mine, and Mr. Jackson can go after me more effectively than I can go after him. But this is activism that hurts the conservative brand and makes conservatives look like the kind of people who really are dangerous to others.

Kevin said he was asked by the GOP to come in and talk, and he refused. He said that he told them "I will NOT FOLLOW YOU." Now if you ask me this is an opportunity true conservatives should take advantage off. Unfortunately though, I believe Kevin Jackson is more interested in catering to the conspiracy crowd and growing an audience comprised of them, and that's not conservative at all.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

• Gay 'Friends'?

K: Similar to pro-choicers who oppose Partial Birth Abortion (and whose movement leaders do not) but remain silent against extremism in their own leadership, it hurts their cause. I'm quite certain that if I polled my gay friends, they'd think this woman's statement was ridiculous. Yet, I cannot find any gay rights organization that has condemned it.

Jimmy Z: What's that? "Gay friends?" I don't recognize that term. What part has light with darkness?

K: I have lots of gay friends, and a "spare" daughter who is gay. We just agree to disagree on a number of things, most particularly, marriage. Other than that, I just judge everybody on the content of their character.

Jimmy Z: K, I'm not sure how that works. To live in abject sin... see, I look at this from the Bible point of view, so if someone I know is sleeping with another man's wife or another woman's husband, committing adultery, and telling me its just fine and we have to agree to disagree, that this is the way he or she is made, and they love this married person they're sleeping with, I don't buy it. It's wrong and it is egregious enough that I cannot have friendship with that person.

From a Facebook thread...

Monday, April 15, 2013

• Criticism, Love Letters & Advice


I'm told today that my former radio consulting analyst, John Benko, has criticized my statement here. In part, Mr. Benko wrote, "any decent human being would be shocked and stunned by a statement of such mind-boggling hate."

The fact is there is nothing hateful about this at all. The parents who are in Washington DC (not all of the parents), lobbying against my 2nd Amendment rights have burned through all of the empathy they were due.

"To stoop to accusing these poor suffering parents of exploiting their own dead children, to categorize these people, who have experienced such an unspeakable sorrow, as unworthy of sympathy. To say "screw 'em" and suggest that they be "smacked around" is beyond the lowest of anything that could be considered respectable discourse..."

The very idea that they would use their family tragedy to WORK WITH OBAMA and the democrats, and allow their tragedy to be exploited by Obama and the anti-gun rights democrats, is truly shocking. These parents who have been through unspeakable horror (and they have been), are IN FACT allowing anti-gun democrats and Obama to use their children's death against us, the law abiding citizens who ONLY seek to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights. I'm glad Benko saw it; I'm not surprised that he didn't get it.

If it was my child shot in school, I'd tell Obama and Feinstein to their faces that if the NRA had it's way - if the school had an armed guard, my kid might still be alive.

I should also add that Mr. Benko leveled great criticism toward my friend and colleague Debra JM Smith. In fact, his venom for her and her view of Catholicism was much more vitriolic than his criticism of my statement about the parents from Newtown lobbying for Obama is Washington DC.

For the record, Debra and I do not see eye to eye on Catholicism in some ways. But I would be dishonest if I didn't say that my view of Catholicism has been changing, NOT because of anything Debra has said to me, but because of the behavior and rhetoric and language used by Mr. Benko over a long period of time.

I will not dive into the piles of emails I have that Mr. Benko sent to myself and Debra. What I will tell you is that I've been told that it is Mr. Benko's view as a Catholic that I am a hell-bound Protestant heretic. The fact is that there are many Catholics who think that way, and it was an eye-opening moment. And I must also admit, Debra told me so.

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• Massive Friday Show

I'm just going to give you the topics - a show with more issues discussed than just about any other show, online, terrestrial or otherwise; and today the show is COMMERCIAL FREE!

SIDE ONE Jackie Robinson and the movie '42' • Muslim Mastercard is simply a pre-paid credit card marketed to Muslims • Senate vote to debate gun control & The Newtown Families is DC • Colorado: Misdemeanors may end up requiring a DNA swab! • The NHL and NFL lead the way in homosexualizing pro sports • Catholics and Evangelicals named as extremists in Army presentation • CNN, Rasmussen: 75% to 86% of Americans want background checks • Rev. Wright's daughter • Maryland taxes rain • Teacher resignation letter • Observing the death of Margaret Thatcher: Sir Richard Branson

SIDE TWO Family Research Council: Are you an enemy of the state? • Jay Z lashes out with new Hippity Hop track over Cuba trip criticism • Washington state Atty General sues florist over same sex wedding flowers • Obama cancels all Blue Angels performances; cuts Pearl Harbor tours • Pousé founded radical anti-white student paper in college • Reviewing Pousé audio and Alphonzo Rachel's scathing response • Cookie Monster and Elmo get aggressive with little kids in New York City • American Thinker: Are gays really much ado about nothing?

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We start with an amazing bit of information - Hillary Clinton's next book deal includes an enormous advance. And what a great book it will be, summing up how she and Obama's foreign policy made a mess of everything. Blech.

Here's more of what we talk about today: Hillary Clinton's $14 million book advance for Sec of State memoirs • BB guns are not 'firearms' - Jimmy Z stands duly corrected • Connecticut students taught citizens have no 2nd Amendment right • Three outright lies on gun rights from the CT school worksheet • Analysis: Did Melissa Harris-Perry say what pundits say she said? • Debra JM Smith sums up well what Harris-Perry did and did not say • The passing of Hollywood's graceful, class-act: Annette Funicello

And on Side Two: Charmin and Northern get pretty gross about their toilet paper ads • TMZ, Magic Johnson & Mark Cuban push for gay pro athletes to come out • Ronald Reagan's daughter Patti says Reagan would be for same sex marriage • NFL player predicts that four league players will come out together • Same sex couple in Connecticut accused of rape & abuse of their 'children' • Obama will use Air Force One to fly Sandy Hook families to Washington

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• Black Conservatives On Hannity

Regarding the group of black conservatives on the Hannity program last week, it is inexplicable that Bob Parks and Alphonzo Rachel were excluded from the group. But on the bigger issue, conservatives grouping people by skin color, I wrote the following on my wall a few days ago:
"Is it good for conservatism to separate and present our "black conservatives" for media interviews, discussion groups, forums and photo ops? Or should we not be more color blind and have "conservatives" join together - of any and all colors, faiths and backgrounds? I'm a little wary of making our own color based subset.

"The left dismisses them as uncle toms anyway, so I'm not sure what we gain by NOT presenting conservatism as a whole, instead of the segments and subgroups... JUST LIKE LIBERALS DO."
The bottom line here is that there are always going to be people left out who should have been a part of whatever gathering of minds - and that's a shame. Both Zo and Bob would have been... scratch that, SHOULD have been part of this group. But its' the GROUP ITSELF that is the problem. Here's Hannity (who I really like a lot, don't get me wrong), bringing together "our blacks." What is the goal here? To tell the left, "we have black people, black people can be conservative, these black people are smarter than the left's black people..." I'm not sure I like this at all.

Conservatism has got to be color blind, yet we're grouping people together and trying to appeal to others based on race. That's not conservatism; that's group-think and it's a bad thing for us to engage in. We're playing this the way the left wants us to, and we cannot win by using race-tactics.

When people are grouped as anything other than Americans, conservatives lose.

This is my friend Brian Burleson, writing on my Facebook thread:

"I have mixed feelings about this. I prefer to be colorblind, but I do like seeing other conservatives of color (or perhaps the term should be colored conservatives).

"If the idea is to reach black liberals and convince them that conservatives aren't racists, I don't think you'll have much luck. Black liberals who believe that are fools and there's no convincing a fool of the flaws in their "thinking". Black conservatives are told they're "acting white", "Uncle Toms", "tokens" etc. by both white and black liberals. (By the way, have I ever mentioned how much I hate liberals?)

"As for white liberals, mentally deranged, Marxist fools they may be but I don't think even most of them think conservatives are actually "racist". I tend to believe they like repeating that load of bull to scare blacks into remaining on the liberal plantation.

"Several years ago, I was at a meeting of mostly white progressives. After being "outed" as a conservative, one of the regressives tried to get one of his colored colleagues to convince me of the error of my thinking. "Now why, after rejecting a load of b.s. from a white liberal would I accept the same load of crap as the gospell, simply because the one spreading it happens to be a "brother"?

"Why is there any reason to believe a black liberal who after rejecting the truth coming from a white conservative, would magically accept the same truth coming from a "brother"?

"Conservatives shouldn't bother trying to pander to black, liberal fools. It seems when they do that, they just end up becoming liberal fools themselves."


BOTH hours are up and ready to listen - for now you have to get them at the Facebook page (click an mp3 link, and pick either 'save as' or 'play').  Later I'll have the show page set up with both flash players AND all of the show notes.

Here is just SOME of what we covered today: Beyonce & Jay Z travel in Cuba: GOP reps in Florida want details • Rick Warren's son commits suicide & homosexual twitter attack • Warren's views on homosexuality are not exactly Biblical • Michelle Obama Noise: Easter Egg Roll about fruits and vegetables • Barack Obama all sexy and stuff: ET gushing over sexy Obozo • 2007 Michelle Obama video shows the real angry black woman • Busy single mother Michelle Obama acts like she can relate • Mark Levin & Jimmy Z on acknowledging original source material • Obamanomics: 90 million Americans not working; 1979 levels

PLUS: • Limbaugh on unemployment: We are living in a dying country • Newtown CT parents call for new gun control laws on 60 Minutes • Proposed new Connecticut gun laws would not stop Adam Lanza • Lindsey Graham on Meet the Press: If North Korea attacks, they lose • Brian Suits on North Korea: The goal has always been reunification • Idiot parents in North Carolina: 7 year old boy shoots cars with BB gun • Colorado Sheriff responds to Barack Obama's gun control speech • FCC considering boobs & more profanity on prime time television

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• Thursday Mayhem

ALMOST TOO MUCH SHOW TODAY: The freest states in the Union - Oklahoma beats out even Texas • Another big White House concert coming up while tours are still closed • Are Michelle Obama & Valerie Jarrett running Obama's Administration? • Obama in Colorado: The Constitution constrains him, he says • Audio: Obama talks about guns, gun control and The Constitution • Reaction from Ben Shapiro ( and Mark Levin • Hillary Clinton comes out to support polygamy, polyamory & adultery

AND MORE • Chris Matthews ties DA shootings in Texas to Senator Ted Cruz • Lifeguards in Phoenix are too white; Search is on for minority lifeguards • Hemet CA assistant principal accused of having sex with underage boys • The New Normal (NBC) pushes homosexuality in the Boy Scouts • 15 year old girl leaves anti-gun politicians in Maryland speechless • Dallas DA tells reporter 'we're under attack' by white supremacist gang

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• Tuesday Show, April 2nd

Amazing show it turns out - I never get to as many things as I'd hoped, but the stuff I got to is very important. Here is the outline of some of the topics touched upon:

• Border Mayhem: Border security down 25% due to sequester • Illegal border crossings double; Schumer: Legalize workers first • Business and Labor work out deal to pay illegals 'prevaling wages' • Joel Osteen Easter message audio: It is finished • Mexican drug cartels establish violent foothold in the US • Texas DAs killed by white supremacists or maybe the Cartels? • Rewind: August 2012: Cartel turf war raging in Chicago • Obama's shame: He's 2 for 22 shooting hoops at the White House • Comedy bits: SNL Starbucks spoof & Right Change Dos Equis parody • Brian Suits on North Korea: 'You shouldn't be scared at all' • 12 crazy conspiracy theories that some American voters believe • Absurd & Preposterous: Obama to teach 'how to budget responsibly' • Easter morning on ABC: Atheist writer offended by the name of Jesus

You can find the links for the show right now at The Jimmy Z Show on Facebook.

• New TV show: A Christian 'Girls Gone Wild!'

By Bill Keller

The newest program coming to the Lifetime Channel in prime time is called, "Preacher's Daughters." It has been labeled by many as "Christian Girls Gone Wild." The program follows the lives of several daughters of pastors who are living in rebellion to the Lord and His Word. They have found 3 young women to exploit who just happen to be the daughters of a pastor and have chosen to live their lives away from the teachings of the Bible they grew up with.

It is amazing that a major cable broadcast television network would dare to even talk about airing such a program, let alone actually do it! It only supports my contention that the world does not fear Christians and could care less what we feel or think. I have an idea, let Lifetime or any other network create a program called "Imam's Daughters" to mock Islam. Trust me, they would never even speak of such a program, let alone actually put it on television!!!

The message of this new program is that Christians are hypocrites, that our faith does not translate into our daily lives, and that we live no differently from those who deny God, the Bible, and faith in Jesus Christ. This program was designed to mock and demean those who have given their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ by faith and embolden those who deny the Lord that they have made the right decision! Of course, while they were at it, they used this as another opportunity to reach the masses to promote and glorify those who choose to reject Christ and His Truth and follow Satan!

Make no mistake about it, this is the ultimate agenda of this blasphemous TV program. It was designed to empower, embolden, and strengthen the resolve of those people who have made the choice to reject God, reject the Truth of the Bible, and reject His Son Jesus Christ. Programs like this tell the lost that they have made the correct decision in rejecting Christ and that Christians live no different than they do. The worst thing about a program like this is that it gives those who reject Jesus the false sense of security that they are right. It helps them to justify their unbelief and rejection of the Lord. Sadly, it makes their heart even more hardened to the Truth causing them to die in their sin and be lost for all eternity.

The fact is, this is the underlying theme of most EVERY program on secular television today. Without being so bold to openly mock the Christian faith, they send the message 24/7 that sex of any kind with anyone is beautiful, that drugs and alcohol are fun and enjoyable, that homosexuality is an acceptable and even commendable choice, that marriage is just a legal document, that truth is whatever you want it to be since there really is no right or wrong, and that those who make the choice to follow Christ and God's Word are unintelligent, intolerant hate mongers who are to be feared and loathed. These my friend, are the messages that secular television sends to the masses literally 24/7/365!

Some Christians are correctly outraged by this new program. While they should be, they should also be outraged by most EVERYTHING that is on TV today. I understood the passion of some to email the network and advertisers to try and stop this program from airing, but the reality is there are hundreds of programs just as bad on the air right now and there will be even worse ones in the future. You see, we can't silence those who reject Biblical Truth and hate the Lord. The way we attack them is by competing with them in the marketplace for the hearts and souls of men. As I have told you for nearly 14 years now, that is really what this is all about. This is nothing less than an all-out battle for the souls of men! We get so distracted by everything else that we have forgotten our number one job God has called us to, and that is to bring the lost to faith in Jesus Christ.

The world lies and tells people that it has what they are looking for and the answers to their problems. What they offer is the temporal pleasures of the flesh and this world. People eventually figure out there has to be more. The "more" they are looking for is only found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. We who know Christ have got to be as bold as those who hate Christ in taking our message to the masses the same way they take their message to the masses. Rather than wasting our time trying to silence those who hate the Lord, we should be busy competing with them in getting the Truth out to the very same masses they reach each day, since we know in the end the Truth will remain standing.

The good news, I doubt this program will be on very long. It is such a poorly written and acted program, it will only last as long as it does due to the incredible publicity it received by those who opposed it. Viewers is the ultimate measuring stick in secular television, and fortunately very few will tune in and it will be quickly cancelled. The purpose of dealing with this today is to help you understand that there are people out there committed in their rejection of God, His Truth, and Jesus Christ. They are committed enough to spend millions and millions of dollars and use the secular media to share their rejection with the masses, helping others who have rejected Christ find strength in their decision as well as planting seeds of doubt in those who may be open to the Lord and His love.

Every day those who deny God, His Truth, and Jesus are pumping their message to the masses, helping to lead millions of souls into eternal damnation for their rejection of Christ. Now hopefully you can understand why I am so passionate about Liveprayer and what we are doing each day to reach those very same masses with the Truth on secular television. Hoping to take them off a conveyor belt heading straight for hell and reroute them to everlasting life through faith in Jesus Christ! THIS IS A WAR FOR SOULS!

I love you and care about you so much. It is important to know that there are people in this world so committed to their rejection of the Christian faith, that they are out there marketing that rejection to the masses each day. These are people who live their lives in complete rebellion to God and His Word and are spending millions and millions of dollars to create vehicles to promote their hatred and rejection of Christ to this world. The sad fact is, they are very effective! Others who reject the Lord are always looking for anything to justify their rejection of Him.

Please understand that in these last days, there will always be programs on TV, movies, music, books, websites, created by those who live their lives in rebellion to God and His Truth, who have rejected the love of Jesus, and will use these vehicles to tell the masses that God doesn't exist, the Bible is a book of myths written by men, and Jesus was a joke. They are serious enough in their hatred for the Lord that they seek to use their gifts, talents, and money to encourage others who have chosen to hate the Lord. They tell their lies to the masses loud enough and long enough that people begin to accept their lies as the truth.

That is why now more than ever those us who possess the Truth of God's Word must become equally, if not even bolder, in sharing that Truth with this lost and hurting world we live in. That is why now more than ever, those of us who know God exists, that Jesus is the Son of the living God who died for our sins and rose on that third day to rules and reign for all eternity, need to get out into the marketplace and create programs for TV, movies, music, websites, that are not simply there to preach to the choir but specifically geared to reach the lost and hurting OUTSIDE the four walls of the church. It is time to come out of the "Christian trough" and be the "salt and light" God has called us to be in this world!!

I will be praying for you today. Praying more than anything else that you will become emboldened by how bold those who hate Jesus are. If they can be as bold as they are with a lie, how much bolder should you be with the Truth? If they have no shame in telling people God doesn't exist, how proud should you be in telling people God is real? If they openly and defiantly live their lives in rebellion to the Truth of God's Word, how much more open and visible should you live your life in following the Truth of the Bible? If they can openly mock our Lord, why can't you just as openly stand up for Him?

Those who hate Jesus and deny the Christian faith are never going to be silenced and they are not going away. The question and challenge today is will those who love Jesus and have put their faith and trust in Him continue to be silent and hide in their "corner" leaving the lost and hurting masses to satan and his lies, or will we go boldly, visibly, without shame and compromise to reach the lost and hurting masses with His Truth and the hope and love that is only found in Jesus Christ?

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller,

Monday, April 1, 2013

• Debating A Ron Paul Libertarian

I ended up debating two libertarians recently; this is the more lucid of the two. Both were angry, both called me a 'liberal' (apparently they know we hate liberalism, so that's their best attempt at insulting a conservative). The bottom line here kids is that libertarians are almost liberals: They are entirely liberal on social issues, as you will see. Libertarians are also furious at the GOP for not nominating Ron Paul. It all comes down to Ron Freakin' Paul. So here is the dialogue from a thread on Facebook. I'm posting a good amount of it, because this is very instructional. Libertarians are not your ally; People like Glenn Beck are the ENEMY of true conservatism.

The issue was originally about the "wilding" mob of youts in Chicago, but Michael quickly moved away from that topic. It was all about me, a conservative, who wasn't as American as he, a Paul-bot libertarian. And that's the reason for this post. It's not about Michael, but the kind of libertarian thinking he represents.

Michael Caulfield: omg.. I had hoped your dumbass woulda moved to some 3rd world, socialist nation by now zulz, you anti American piece of dog crap.. On Easter day, too.. Damn.. it was a great Easter for a while.. Can't win 'em all, I guess...

Jimmy Z Zulz: Michael, call me some more names, would you please? ABC has it now, NPR as well. What's your problem? You don't remember the kids in the 50s used to get in rumbles for no reason at all? Perspective, man. You've lost your perspective. And by the way, I'm more gung ho on America than you are, and more conservative to boot. Now just simmer down.

Michael Caulfield: Zulz..You are gung ho on war..Big love CISPA, the NDAA..You are gung ho on drones..You love foreign aid to rich, tiny nations from the stolen tax $$ of working class Americans..Kids in the 50's didn't gather in groups of several hundred and attack innocent folks riding trains for no reason..But your prospective is that of a liberal, so we shouldn't be surprised..

Zulz is the antithesis of what are founding fathers cherished..Zulz is a fake, in the same vein as Michael Weiner/Savage..A liberal trying to bullshit people into believing he is a conservative..

Zulz preaches that government knows what is best for us, and claims he is a "Reagan conservative"..Darn I think I'm going to be ill now, I better get to bed..

Jimmy Z Zulz: Wow dude, I have never been so poorly represented in a long time. Let's go through them: I am not pro CISPA. I have however pointed out that some of the hysteria surrounding it is not factual.

I do not "love" the NDAA, but the fact is that it does NOT give the feds, the military and the president the ability to detain without warrant citizens of the US IN THE USA. I am all about truth. I detest lies in the name of conservatism. It is beneath us.

Drones are not the threat that many hysterical people say they are - yet. I would keep an eye on them. I think they're a great tool along the border and in certain police situations but I am against drones as daily or nightly observation of the citizenry.

I despise foreign aid in many situation. I do support aid to Israel. Is that what you are referring to? Are you anti-Israel? Please answer.

"Kids in the 50's didn't gather in groups of several hundred and attack innocent folks" -- Many innocents were involved in rumbles with guns. Street toughs were a big problem. So big a problem they made a cartoonish caricature about one in Happy Days. Here's just one story. To say this is new, what happened in Chicago, is just ignorant.

My perspective is that of a Christian conservative, more conservative than you, because you endorse half truths and dishonesty - I am focused on ONLY that which is true.

Zulz is 100% AAA genuine Texas born and Christian raised conservative American Patriot. There is nothing the least bit liberal about me.

"Zulz preaches that government knows what is best for us" -- An outright lie, totally false. I have never said anything even close to that. If you can find any quote, on Facebook, on my blog, on my show page or in audio on my show where I have said that, I will sign off of Facebook forever.

Yes, you better go to bed. You became ill from all the lies about me you just spewed.

Michael Caulfield: A year ago, the Zulz had a radio show, with a listening audience of about 6..Unfortunately one time, I was #7..The Zulz was rambling (as usual) about how bad Libertarians are because they want to keep their own $$$, and not dole it out to rich, foreign nations..The Zulz also stated he felt government needed to intervene in the issue of gay marriages..The Zulz also told me once he thought CISPA was a good thing, and also NDAA..None of these ideologies are pro liberty, pro freedom, and are contrary to what our founders had in mind for this once great nation..

The Zulz also hates Ron Paul, because Paul KNOWS we are bankrupt as a nation, and can simply not afford to keep sending stolen tax $$$ from Americans to other nations..The Zulz places Israel ahead of America, and knows that this would mean that the tiny, rich nation with the 4th largest nuclear arsenal in the world, would actually have to think about creating an economy for themselves, for the 1st time since 1949..

The Zulz once said something to the effect" Paul would have Israel thrown to the wolves"..How can a nation, the size of Rhode Island, with 100's of nukes, ever be "thrown to the wolves?"..

The Zulz asked me if I am "anti-Israel"..No, I am anti waste and corruption, and I put America 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

By believing that NDAA, CISPA, foreign aid etc, are necessary, the Zulz DOES preach that government knows what is best for us..Now, hopefully, he will be a man of his word, and sign off Facebook forever, but, I have a sinking feeling, he won't..Liberals never seem to ride off into the sunset..

Jimmy Z Zulz: Okay, we'll have to answer these lies I suppose: (1) I have many, many more than 7 listeners. I have more listeners than that on Podomatic alone. Consider also that my show is carried on at least five internet radio stations. At Internet Radio Top Sites, I average 446 listeners a month - that's at one site. The size of my show is not the point though; quality and content wise I'll put my show up against any of the biggest talk shows in the country, toe to toe. I'm putting out a show that is the template for all internet talk radio.

(2) I have never criticized libertarians on the basis of wanting to pay less in taxes. Ever. I am a small government, tax cutting conservative. I criticize libertarians on the issues of morality, where libertarianism is wanting.

(3) "The Zulz also stated he felt government needed to intervene in the issue of gay marriages" -- Another lie. What I've said is that the government ought NOT intervene on BEHALF of homosexuals FOR homosexual marriage, which is what is happening. See how libertarians mischaracterize what conservatives say? Libertarians are the enemy of conservatism. And THAT I've said many, many times.

(4) "The Zulz also told me once he thought CISPA was a good thing" -- Another lie. I have never said any such thing. I have argued that it's not the monster necessarily that the fear mongering lunatics have painted it to be.

(5) (a) "The Zulz also hates Ron Paul" -- I don't hate anyone, but Ron Paul is a loser, has always been a loser. (b) "Paul KNOWS we are bankrupt as a nation" -- Caulfield is a typical Paulbot; "ONLY Ron Paul knows..." No one else, only Ron Paul. LOL (c) "can simply not afford to keep sending stolen tax $$$ from Americans to other nations" is code terminology for ending our support of the awful Israel - libertarians HATE Israel and believe Israel is the root of all evil in the Middle East. (d) "the tiny, rich nation with the 4th largest nuclear arsenal in the world, would actually have to think about creating an economy for themselves, for the 1st time since 1949." -- See? What did I tell you?

Ron Paul became a Republican and left the Libertarian party for a reason: He could not get any traction as a libertarian. And it turns out he was still a loser as a Republican. And that makes libertarians very angry.

(6) "The Zulz once said something to the effect" Paul would have Israel thrown to the wolves" -- Once again, he proves I'm right. He's angry at me for being a conservative. He's angry because I know that Ron Paul is unelectable for President. He's bitter because Paul is done. Caulfield is a Paulbot.

(7) "By believing that NDAA, CISPA, foreign aid etc, are necessary, the Zulz DOES preach that government knows what is best for us." -- Another lie. You can't get there from here, Cauly. First, there is nothing in the NDAA that does what you claim it does, so the NDAA is out. Second, in CISPA, there is a lot that I am not in favor of (and by the way it's DEAD as of now!). But it's not the end of the republic that you hysterical libertarians paint it to be. Third, I HAVE NEVER even once stated that government knows what is best for us. In case you want to lie about it again, let me state clearly: The People know just fine what is best for them, with a few exceptions: I am 100% against legalizing all drugs, something Paulbots like Caulfield are very supportive of.

(8) You proved nothing, as I predicted, because you had to lie about 14 times. Get away from me. *L*

By the way, I'm going to take the transcription from this thread and post it on my blog. This is very illustrative of the nastiness with which libertarians engage conservatives. It's about time conservatives be informed about how libertarians view them.

Michael Caulfield: I didn't read your Gettysburgh Address dissertation, I can only imagine how dull it must be.

I will let Michael the libertarian have the last word here: "I didn't read" what you wrote. Typical. -Jz