Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Occasionally I flip channels and see a few minutes of the Tyra Banks show. She has from time to time had programs about women who were abused by men, or assaulted, or other such tragedies. She has always struck me as somewhat sincere – as opposed to Maury Povich who just uses people in such a disgusting manner I can’t imagine how he sleeps at night.

That being said, today I was moving through channels looking for the afternoon MASH rerun (I still enjoy MASH, especially the original cast in the first 3 seasons), and I paused on Tyra’s program. She has that scumbag “Girls Gone Wild” character on, talking about how much fun he’s having living his life. They show shots of the audience members, all young women, smiling and happy about listening to this putz.

Now I am no fan of Hugh Hefner. He’s an extraordinary dirtball. I can’t stand the man. He’s bad enough but when they put him on TV as if he’s some wonderful celebrity, I want to puke. But this guy from GGW – he’s a freakin’ demon. He smiles, he’s handsome enough I suppose, and he’s got charisma. Tyra Banks says something like, “hey, no one forces any of the women to take off their clothes – I don’t see the problem here!”

(By the way, I don’t know the man’s name, and I was going to look it up, but I thought it was cool that I don’t know his name and decided not to bother.)

Yeah, whoopee Tyra! This is all in good fun! Take off your bra! Ooh la lah! Show us your coochie! I mean, I haven’t seen one of those films but I can imagine. I’m no choir boy, but that kind of thing is such a turn off. Get ‘em drunk, and hand ‘em some money. There it is, “sexy”. HARDLY! And Tyra has now exposed herself. She’s playing along for the money having him on TV gets her. Ratings. Big ratings. And she gets to be the cool ‘hot chick’ who doesn’t mind this clown and his planes and homes and cars and more money than God – all obtained by exploiting young women.

Sure, they’re all of age, and they get paid and free booze and they make their decisions using their own free will ... after they’re hammered.

Tyra Banks should be ashamed of herself.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Dear Mr. Breitbart:

I have immense respect for Breitbart.com and all the Big websites associated with it. I refer to material on these sites often in doing my online radio program (always referenced and linked in the show notes).

Now, I have to ask why so many conservatives are willing to look past Sarah Palin's stumping for John McCain when there is a real conservative in the race! This is really disturbing to me, and gets us right back to the heart of the problem with the GOP and politics in America. When do we start standing up against Republicans in Name Only, like Mr. McCain?

And when do we demand that people like Ms. Palin stand up for the principles that she espouses? She cannot be both for the Tea Party AND for John McCain - and yet there she is, in one weekend - doing the impossible.

I've been disgusted all weekend. All the cheering tells me that conservatives STILL JUST DO NOT GET IT.

Jimmy Z

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

• I Will Be Happy if Pelosi Uses the Slaughter Shenanigan

By Jimmy Z

Let them act out in such a fashion as to be damned by history.

I am still hoping and believing that the leftists in office in Washington DC will not be able to get the votes to pass their healthcare wet dream. We've put up a wonderful fight - and we're not done yet. No country has fought harder to prevent socialized medicine.

But in light of the very real possibility that Pelosi and the democrats (purposely not capitalized) will use the Slaughter Shenanigan -- aka 'Deem and Scheme' -- I have said to a few people who are understandably freaking out, 'good! I'm glad they're going to use that tactic!'

Of course, their responses have been shock. 'Huh? Why would you be happy?'

Here is what I think: If the democrats are going to force this atrocity on the American people by hook or by crook, let them do it with more hooks and by more crooks than ever in our history. Let them act out in such a fashion as to be damned by history.

I want them to use every trick. I want them to conspire behind closed doors over and over and over again. I want them to continue to show Americans who the leftists are, and how deep their level of deceit is. I want our children and grandchildren to be studying in school the political horror of 2010.

And I want our progeny to look back and be amazed that our country was able to survive.

Should our country have to face passage of this bill through some kind of chicanery, it serves us well. We will fight it with our State Constitutions. We will fight it in court. We will demand our Republican majority in the House, come 2011, not fund the bill. We will work to repeal the bill, and we will not give up.

Our descendants will learn of many times this country was on the edge of disaster; the moments when The United States of America was thought to be finished. We defeated our enemies, and we beat the odds.

The Revolutionary War provided a very long shot, yet here we are. The Civil War was a bloody and horrible war. Many people believed that our country would not survive, yet here we are. There were times during World War II that it looked like we would lose the war. But we persevered and here we are. During the Great Depression I am sure some folks thought, 'well, this is it. Here is the end of the line.'

We have seen stunning, dreadful times in our past. And we keep pushing through, and we patriots do not give up. Between our love of country and our faith in God, we do what must be done to protect the Constitution.

We are fighting our President for the second time in our history. Last time, it was imperative that the President won. This time, it is essential that the President lose.

Just because these leftists -- Pelosi, Reid, Obama and nearly all of the democrats in office -- may use some unconstitutional maneuver to pass the Health Care System Take Over bill (I mean, let's call it what it is, shall we?), we will not stop fighting it.

We have a lot of good people in office who are gearing up to take action right away. Come November 2nd, we will have even more amazing conservatives and Republicans ready to battle against this most unconstitutional legislation.

We have truth on our side. Over and over again, we hear democrats on television and radio, lying outright to the American people, and to themselves. They seem to believe that if this bill passes, the American people are going to love it. They insist that the American people do not care at all about the process used to pass the Take Over.

They actually believe that our Constitution does not mean anything to the American people. Imagine!

So let them use every trick they can think up. Let them provide all of the ammunition we will use against them in the coming elections.

They will find out on November 2nd how wrong they are.

Oh, and one more thing: Many people like to talk about the 'democracies' throughout history that lasted about 200 years, and say that we've had a good run; that our time is about up. Rubbish. We are not just another democracy among democracies in the history of this planet.

We are The United States of America. We are a democratic Republic. We are used to bucking trends. We are a people who do not lie back and accept what we don't like. We have the Constitutional authority to replace this government with leaders who will protect that Constitution.

We are not done.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


(Last updated 20 March 2010)



1) Nevada - 'Dingy' Harry Reid is a goner with only 38% support; will lose by double digits to Sue Lowden.
2) North Dakota - Byron Dorgan's retirement makes this an absolute lock for the GOP.
3) Delaware - Beau Biden would have lost but he could have made it close. Now, Republican Mike Kastle will winthe seat Joe Biden held for 36 years in a rout.
4) Arkansas - Blance Lincoln's numbers are horrid and Obama is about as popular in Arkansas as a genital rash.
5) Indiana - Evan Bayh's Indiana withdrawl rockets that race up from #9 (Medium) to #5 (Burnt). The Republican nominee is certain to win this race now.
6) Pennsylvania - Toomey is pulling away from Specter.
7) Illinois - Kirk the Republican has a solid, if not overwhelming lead. The defacto incumbent Giannoulias is polling 40% in defending Obama's seat according to Rasmussen. He's done.
8) Colorado - Bennet does not appear like he will survive. Colorado's Bennet down by 14.


9) New York - A new Rasmussen poll has Kirsten Gillibrand polling below 45% in a hypothetical match against George Pataki.
10) California - Boxer is polling in the 45% range.


11) Washington - Patty Murray is down by 2 and polling only 43% in a hypothetical matchup with Dino Rossi
12) Wisconsin - This race moves up if Tommy Thompson decides to take on Feingold.


13) Connecticut - If we can tar Blumenthal with Dodd, we can win here.
14) Oregon - Neither is Ron Wyden.
15) New York - Chuck Schumer; a new Marist poll showing Charles Schumer with an approval rating below 50%

BREAD (Safe for now)

16) Maryland - Barbara Mikulski
17) Vermont - Patrick Leahy
18) Hawaii - Dan Inouye

ADDENDUM: In addition, keep an eye on Joe Lieberman. Party switcher? That could mean 9 gained seats for Republicans.



1) Tennessee 6 - Open seat
2) Louisiana 3 - Open seat
3) Indiana 8 - Ellsworth
4) Arizona 2 - Open seat
5) New York 29 - Open seat
6) Kansas 3 - Open seat
7) Idaho 1 - Minnick
8) Mississippi 1 - Childers
9) Maryland 1 - Kratovil


10) West Virginia 1 - Mollohan
11) Arizona 1 - Open seat
12) Tennessee 8 - Open seat
13) Indiana 9 - Hill
14) New Mexico 2 - Teague
15) Colorado 4 - Markey
16) Virginia 5 - Perrielo
17) Virginia 2 - Nye
18) Florida 8 - Grayson
19) Michigan 6 - Schauer
20) Pennsylvania 12 - Vacant
21) New Hampshire 1 - Shea-Porter


22) Washington 3 - Baird
23) Ohio 1 - Driehaus
24) Ohio 15 - Kilroy
25) Nevada 3 - Titus
26) New Hampshire 2 - Open seat
27) Massachusetts 10 - Open seat
28) Hawaii 1 - Open seat


27 Democrats



1) Kansas - A certain GOP pickup with Sebelius gone.
2) Oklahoma - Another solid Red state comes home.
3) Wyoming - See above.
4) Wisconsin - Wisconsin moves up from #8 to #4 and to "burnt". Likely Dem nominee polling no better than 42% in any matchup. Another GOP pickup.
5) Pennsylvania - Rendell was a disaster.
6) Illinois - Democrat Pat Quinn moves up from #14 to #4. One of the biggest movers this year. The Illinois Governor polling 37% at home!
7) Ohio - John Kasich leads the incumbent Strickland 49-38.


8) Michigan - Granholm was a disaster.


9) Iowa - A key 2012 battleground state.
10) Tennesee -


11) Colorado - Ritter is vulnerable.
12) Massachusetts - Two miracles in one year?
13) New York - Moves up if Guiliani gets in the race

BREAD (Safe for now)

14) Arkansas
15) Maine
16) Maryland
17) New Hampshire
18) New Mexico
19) Oregon

THINKING OUT LOUD: Republicans vulnerable in California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Minnesota, Rhode Island and Vermont, but in a good GOP year, I think we hold at least 4 of the 6.

Burnt - It's over. GOP pickup.
Dark - Democrat in serious trouble.
Medium - Democrat in trouble, needs to recover fast.
Lightly Toasted - Democrat in potential trouble.
Bread - Democrat looks safe.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today's Rasmussen approval index is -17. It has bounced around from -12 to -21 over the last month or so, so that puts it right about in the mean area of where it has been.

Today's number means that the among the two poles of voter passion, those who adore Obama and those who loathe him, the loathes have it by more than 2 touchdowns. Bad news for Obama's party this fall because the passionate voter shows up in an off year election. See Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

To really understand the breadth and scope of how far Obama has fallen, one needs compare this number, and it's internals, to the stratospheric numbers he boasted upon taking office.

The current number of -17 is not his record low so far, but we can start there anyway. On a Rasmussen poll taken on January 24th, 2009, that number stood at what will remain the high water mark of his presidency: +26.

So, Obama's net Approval index has fallen an astonishing 43 points in barely over 13 months. If he continues at that rate, he will be at -60 by the spring of next year when he could very well be facing a Republican congress.

Looking at the poll internals tells an even more alarming tale.

Among Men, Obama is at -24 compared to a poll of February 19th, 2009 that put him at +4. Among Women, Obama is at -10 now, while that same poll from February of last year put him at +21. You heard right, Obama has dropped faster among women since taking office (down 31 points net) than among men (28).

Among unaffiliated voters, the news is even
more grim. Obama has fallen from +12 when
he was inaugurated to a mind blowing -27.
That is a 39 point plummet.

Among Republicans, Obama started out with a cool -12, that number has now sunk to -68. With that level on Republican enmity now, can Obama even hope to repeat his wins in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado and Nevada? How about New Hampshire, Iowa and New Mexico?

George W Bush won each of those 10 states at least once. He won the first 7 twice. Take the two time Bush states away from him and he loses the election.

But Obama isn't merely going to be giving back Red states, or even just Red and Purple states. Obama is in trouble all over the electoral map and with every constituency.

In the current poll, Obama is +35 among Democrats. That sounds good until you realize that he was +72 on his third day of office. With a 37 swoon among his own party, how can he hope to hold on to states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin where Gore and Kerry won by razor thin margins?

Among Unaffiliated voters, the news is even more grim. Obama has fallen from +12 when he was inaugurated to a mind blowing -27. That is a 39 point plummet.

So, you have volcanic opposition from Republicans, visceral opposition from unaffiliated voters and only tepid support from his own ranks. This has created a perfect electoral storm for 2012.

Not only is Obama finished in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico -- the Bush states . . .

Not only is he toast in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, the near-miss states . . .

That would be bad enough . . .

Obama's party has just suffered two devastating defeats in states unthinkable a year ago: New Jersey and Massachusetts. Meanwhile, high profile Democratic Senators are in deep trouble in other solid blue states such as Delaware, New York and California and even, Obama's own state of Illinois.

With the threat of energized Republicans and Independents showing up in swarms while demoralized Democrats stay home, the number of states where Obama is not at least vulnerable will probably number in the low single digits. Many people are expected a historic bloodbath in this November's elections- and I think they are right.

Yet, if current trends continue, 2012 could be an electoral wipe out of Reagan/Mondale proportions.

-- SonlitKnight


As it sits today -- and remember -- a year ago, this would have been unthinkable. Here is SonlitKnight's analysis. --Jz

My analysis of the Electoral college map, based on Obama's current approvals tell me that this is the current picture.


39 States totaling 360 Electoral votes (color is how they went in 2008) --

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming


8 States plus Washington D.C. Totaling 146 Electoral votes.

California, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York and Rhode Island


3 States totaling 32 Electoral votes

Connecticut, Minnesota and New Jersey

So, if the election were today, Obama loses by between 360-178 to 392-146.