Friday, June 18, 2010


20% of Union members are also NRA members. These members helped elect George W. Bush in 2000. (Zogby International, 2000

In rebuttal to Jimmy Z:

Some views from the other side….

Here from the NRA:


And the Washington Post:

"What the NRA has managed to do is turn an issue about life and death into an issue of pure politics," Rand said. "They've done it by pushing this myth that they are much more powerful than they really are." (It’s Not a myth)

And the OpenSecretsblog:

And on the “lighter” side: From the Times-Picayune in New Orleans, I think you will enjoy this:

In Summary:
The way we, Jauntos and Trixie, sees it…they (the NRA) are “in bed” with the left solely for the reason of maintaining 1st Amendment rights for NRA members and because Reid, the RED, supports the 2nd Amendment which is ALL that NRA cares about, the members rights. That’s what we pay the dues for, not just the cool magazine. “Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer”.

The rest of it goes the way of the ballot for everyone, including NRA members. We just have someone on the inside looking out for us. Pelosi and Reid will be gone in November anyway.
AND I’m keeping my Life Membership. (so there‼)

And, by the way, I think you should have read more of the first rebuttal comment to Eric’s blather. But it IS your show, right?

Off Topic… I think that Arizona sign is a good idea if nothing else but to SHAME that wanna be Kenyan President and their so-called Senator (aka Wrong-way- J) into some sort of action.

Jan Brewer For President‼ Bobby Jindal For Vice-President‼ or vice-a-versa.

Just my $0.000002 worth.

Kip op da gode wirk ya commy idot‼!