Saturday, September 18, 2010

• What is it about the 'Tea Party' that makes me uncomfortable?

I have been trying to understand what it is about the Tea Party that bothers me. I have been aware that I react negatively to news stories on radio and TV about Tea Party activism in the various elections, and that I need to know why that was happening.

Sure, I've been bothered by the anger I see in conservatives online. There's a difference between healthy anger, righteous anger, and just being emotionally out of control. People responding to an article about Obama, for instance, will just say, "F Obama, get him out of there" or about conservatism, "If you don't like the Tea Party, get the F out of the way", stuff like that.

We have to be a little more convincing than that! You certainly aren't like that - There's a way to say "F Obama" with evidence and being thoughtful about it. We have to convince others to vote for our candidates too, not just the right wingers. We can't win on our own. We have to be attractive, considerate, convincing.

Ultimately, the Tea Party
cannot save this country.

But what really bugs me, and I've been trying to figure out why I don't like the Tea Party as a whole, is really two fold. One we've talked about - I think that the media is beginning to use the 'Tea Party' against us, because we made it easy for them. All they talk about is Tea Party this and Tea Party that, but it's so much bigger than 'Tea Party'. Its not simply about changing government back - to being 'opposite of Obama'. And the media is talking a lot about how the election is not as much about great conservative candidates as it is about how much America hates Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their left wing agenda.

What our movement is about is the Constitution. We want our lives, and our laws, and our representatives in our state capitols and in Washington DC to be based on and adherent to the United States Constitution!

We need to be so much better than "through Obama out" - because if all we are is "vote for us because we're not Obama", we won't end up accomplishing much and in 2012 we'll end up losing our shirts again.

The second reason I have a problem with the 'Tea Party', and this is far more important, is that I don't see a lot of Tea Party proponents - either those activists in the Tea Party organizations or the candidates - talking about how far this nation has strayed from God. Sure, you and I talk about it, and some people like Franklin Graham will talk on TV about it, but where is this message from the Tea Party activists and their endorsed candidates? We need them to speak this message all the time, because without God and our nation depending on Him to save us and protect us, all of this work will have gone nowhere.

I see a lot of conservatives touting the Tea Party on TV; on Fox News shows and other programs like the Sunday morning talk shows, talking about Tea Partiers from the right perspective and from the left perspective, and very rarely if ever does anyone point out that this nation was founded by Godly men, on Godly, Biblical principles, and if we don't get back to that, we won't get back to where we want to be. And that's why I am still uncomfortable with the Tea Party.

Because ultimately the Tea Party cannot save this country. All of the Americans' fervor over the Tea Party, and boasting about how the Tea Party candidates won in the Delaware and New Hampshire primaries, is meaningless unless everyone is thanking God for these victories. It's not just "we the people". We the people can't do squat in and of ourselves. It is "we the people and the God of the Bible" that will get it done.