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Freedom of speech more important now than ever
Pastors and ministers need to speak out on the issues


So I go to church last weekend, and though I usually go on Saturday evenings, I went on Sunday morning. The fellow who usually teaches on Saturday nights is off for a couple of weeks so I decided to try Sunday mornings again. I'm glad I went.

The pastor was giving a sermon about the time when God 'gives up'; that being, when God gives a person (or a government) over to their sinful ways. God forbid anyone get to the point where they are comfortable in their sin. Once a person does not feel guilt anymore, and can sin at will and repeatedly, there is real trouble. At that point, often God has given the person over to their depravity.

As the pastor talked, he zeroed in on some troubles in Biblical times where God 'gave up'. God did so, for instance, in the time of Noah when the great flood came. The pastor talked about the fact that one particular sin seems to be the tipping point: The acceptance of homosexuality.

Government, both state and
federal, is becoming more and
more aggressive toward churches
that take any stand politically.

Not just homosexuality existing in the world, but homosexuality being accepted by society as good and decent. Homosexual marriage. Once homosexuality is equal to God's institution of marriage, God seems to 'give up'.

So the pastor took a few minutes and outlined all of the pro-homosexual bills we've approved here in California, most recently of course the bill making a special day of May 22 - Harvey Milk Day. Milk is the famous sodomite who was shot dead by a crazed former city councilman back in the 70s. Now, Milk will be praised every May 22 in California, especially in the public schools where the bill requires some observance be made on this special day.

The pastor criticized the limp-wristed and tiresome Arnold Schwarzenegger for signing the bill. He also reminded us that a number of these bills that affect the public schools in favor of homosexual indoctrination do so without allowing parents to opt their children out. All very sick, very fascistic stuff.

I was looking forward to snagging some of these bits in the online recording from the church website in order to play them on my show. When the sermon was posted on Tuesday, I found that the portions where the pastor talked of this 'political' issues had been cut from the tape on the website.

I certainly understand why. Government, both state and federal, is becoming more and more aggressive toward churches that take any stand politically. Ministries have been sued by persons in the attempt to get the church's tax exempt status removed by the IRS.

I think it's about time that some churches do this on their own, and begin speaking freely and without reservation.

Now is the time for churches and pastors and congregations to stand up and speak out - not feel the need to hold back! The country - and the world for that matter - needs the truth like never before. What better time in our country's history for a pastor or minister to teach a Bible principle and illustrate it with our social and political problems we face right now?

Without having to worry about a lawsuit or a review by the IRS of a church's standing as a tax exempt entity, the pastors and ministers will be free to speak on any issue, any time, with as much detail as they wish. They can name names, party affiliation and agendas. The pastors and ministers will have the muzzles removed, and we congregants need that kind of outspoken leadership now more than ever.

Certainly churches would need to have their boards review this decision, and even call a meeting with their congregations to discuss it. No one would be able to write off their donations after a church moves to change their tax exempt status. But personally, I have had it with the world the way it is going, and I'd welcome a pastor who could speak out on whatever issue or politician he wanted to.

What a breath of fresh air.

If you agree with this in principle, why not take the idea to your local church. Perhaps it's time for a movement. Perhaps it's time to be free, indeed.

Addendum: I was conversing with friends on Facebook, and wrote an elaboration that would be relevant here:

I have given much to many ministries through many years. It is a good thing, I believe, to be able to give and write off a donation - good stewardship. It is also good, I think, for churches to have been able to operate as charities because most of the work churches do is charitable.

But these are different times. Years ago, churches were not characterized as the enemy by many in government and many people (atheists, homosexuals and other such vermin).

Now, many in the country are militant anti-God. It's time for churches to change their way of thinking, because these are dangerous times and congregants need to hear the straight truth about everything that's going on. Pastors and ministers cannot depend on their flock to hear the Bible message and intuitively apply it to current events.

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These are the speakers, in order. I missed Sherry Marquez and I apologize to her. I was going through the settings on my digital mp3 recorder while she was speaking.

The speeches are provided here with a player; also, there is a link provided so that you may download any of them that you wish to keep.

Keep the faith, and God save America! -- Jz

Drew Mercy, Assistant to State Senator George Runner

Click HERE to download Drew Mercy's speech

Tony Katz, Entrepreneur & Activist

Click HERE to download Tony Katz' speech

Basil Hoffman, Award Winning Actor & Master of Ceremonies

Click HERE to download Basil Hoffman's speech

Steve Knight, California Assemblyman

Click HERE to download Steve Knight's speech

Jimmy Z, Conservative Radio Talk Host

Click HERE to download Jimmy Z's speech

Larry Sand, President CTEN

Click HERE to download Larry Sand's speech

Dianne Lenning, Candidate, Sup. of Public Instruction

Click HERE to download Dianne Lenning's speech

John Stammreich, Candidate, State Senator

Click HERE to download John Stammreich's speech

C. Mason Weaver, Author, Speaker, Candidate for Congress

Click HERE to download C. Mason Weaver's speech

Chelene Knightingale, Gubernatorial Candidate

Click HERE to download Chelene Knightingale's speech

Victoria Jackson, Comedian, Actress, Saturday Night Live

Click HERE to download Victoria Jackson's speech

Chuck Devore, US Senate Candidate

Click HERE to download Chuck Devore's speech

Once again, a big thank you to Beverly Huffman for having me out there, and for putting together one great afternoon of inspiring speeches.

Don't forget to come over to The Jimmy Z Show show page and listen Monday thru Friday!

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Kathy provides a lot of food for thought
One post prompts discussion of a myriad of issues

Facebook can be great

I am really impressed by a lot of what I read at Facebook. I guess I've been fortunate because it's not a bunch of people typing "I'm having coffee now!" or "Guess it's time to go to the bathroom" or "Hey, 'Desperate Wives' is on!" Instead, these folks who have become part of my friends list are passing along important stories in the news and taking the time to discuss politics in thoughtful posts.

A video of Rush Limbaugh talking with caller "Susan" from Glendale, CA prompted a LOT of discussion, and while I won't take the time to show the entire dialog, I will share the posts of one woman, Kathy, who really upped the level of discourse with her thoughts. You will be able to tell what she is responding to by the topics that she touches on. As you can see, one video leads to a variety of political discussion. Enjoy. --Jz

Thanks for posting the video. I missed some of Susan's call today.

Very good discussion. I've been saying for some time now that true Conservatives need to take over the Republican Party. That's the only reason I joined the Republican Party, after being unaffiliated for most of my life. I was angry with both parties... being unaffiliated was my way of showing that anger. But after several years of things getting worse and worse... I decided I needed to do more than just vote. I joined the Republican Party hoping to find others of like mind to form a coalition in order too clean out the Liberal RINOs, and get the Party back to adhere, and advocating for enumerated Constitutional Principles.

I too am tired of voting for the lesser of the two evils. Country over Party every time is my motto. I'm still working on the Republican Party, but I sure do get discouraged at times with how difficult it is because of the distrust that people feel for the Party system. I've explored other avenues, such as GOOOH-- --But I don't think we have the time to implement a new system at this juncture.

I've always said, and tell others that hate both Parties: Unless something drastic happens in the near future to end the present Party structure, you can bet that at the end of the day, the two dominant Parties will receive the majority of the vote. So until that paradigm changes I see no other alternative than to work within the [two] Party system for reform.

For an example of Democrats using Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals against Sara Palin, check this out:

I like Sara Palin, but was so very unhappy with her when she joined Juan McCain's campaign. ANYONE that would associate themselves with Juan McCain shows EXTREMELY bad judgment.

But it also makes me furious the way the Communist/Marxist/ Demonrats personally attack her. It's never about issues, it's always about her personally. I Guess we can tell from that who the Democrats are afraid of.

Ron Paul will not compromise??? Lets look at Ron Paul: Ron Paul adds earmarks for his district, but then, will not vote on them himself. He doesn't mind encouraging other Congressmen to vote for them. And by doing this he can then have the cover of saying he doesn't vote for earmarks. He then comes out and rails against the pork in earmarks. I find that hypocritical, and certainly [one who does] compromise.

I like Sara Palin, but was so very unhappy
with her when she joined Juan McCain's
campaign. ANYONE that would associate
themselves with Juan McCain shows
EXTREMELY bad judgment.

When he was confronted about his hypocrisy on a news magazine, he just shrugged it off and said he was earmarking in the interest of his district; that there were some projects that people in his district wanted, and that as an elected Representative he was obligated to ensure their interests.

I don't know how it is in anyone else's district, but in my Congressional district these earmarks are used to buy votes. The Republican, and now Democrat Congressmen sing the same song at election time, as they preen and brag about how much pork they've brought back to their district. Ron Paul is no different. And it looks even worse that he will not even vote for his own earmarks but will then let his fellow Congressmen vote for them. That leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

This worship of Ron Paul reminds me of the Obamanites in their adoration of him.

I'm done with this cult of personality. I don't trust anyone in office, no matter how Conservative they say they are, no matter how Libertarian they say they are, no matter their voting record. They are only as good as their last vote, and how and what they do to get reelected. That may seem extreme, but setting a high standard may at least push the goal of electing true statesmen and servants of the people forward more and more.

And I want to leave this last bit of food for thought on Ron Paul: Ron Paul ran as a Libertarian two or three times in Texas and lost every time. He then switched to the Republican Party and has won election ever since. So you tell me if a third party has a true viable chance of capturing enough votes. At this time, I don't think so. As the old saying goes, Ron Paul knew which side his bread was buttered on.

I guess we pick 'em on the same standards that you picked Ron Paul as being "The One", but as we see, their are no guarantees with anyone. As I said they are only as good as their last vote, and how they conduct themselves, and their campaign for reelection. --Kathy


Rush Limbaugh talks to Susan, Part 1