Friday, March 29, 2013

• Friday Show

Great show today, lots of topics and, of course, a lot of ranting.
• Opening Monologue: Baby shot in the head; NKorea's Kim Jong Un • Racism & conservatives: There's nothing about skin color to be proud of • Dr. Ben Carson out as Johns Hopkins commencement speaker • Dr. Carson on Hannity likens homosexuality to bestiality & pedophilia • Obama Daughters' luxurious Spring vacations: Bermuda & Idaho Skiing • Yes, the first daughters' vacations on the taxpayers dime are news • Planned Parenthood in Florida capitol argues FOR infanticide • Gas tax going up in Maryland another 12¢ per gallon • Baby shot in the face in Georgia: Mother, sister and aunt of shooter arrested • Town Commissioner arrested for obstructing police in baby shooting • Bill Keller: Homosexual marriage opens the door to polygamy and pedophilia

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

• One of These Things Is NOT Like The Others

• Stop Filling Morgan Freeman's Wallet With Your Money

JIM CARREY MADE CONSERVATIVES ANGRY with a song mocking gun owners and Charelton Heston. But please don't forget that Morgan Freeman has recently come out as a full blown black racist in support of Obama, based solely on similar skin color. Thus I am NOT going to spend money and see "Olympus Has Fallen." The FACT is, the only way you can let these asswipes in Hollywood know you do not support what they have to say about us is to REFUSE TO LINE THEIR POCKETS with your money. That's it. Complaining won't do it. You gotta speak out with your wallet.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

• Tuesday's Show

Today we explore the left and right viewpoints of gun control with audio that essentially pits Wayne LaPierre of the NRA against New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Clearly, the federal government is NOT doing its job, failing to aggressively prosecute criminals who break federal gun laws.

Here is the rough outline for today's show: Mayor Bloomberg's quote in context: Infringing on freedom • Bloomberg vs. LaPierre on gun control legislation in America • Criminals who break federal gun laws are not prosecuted under Obama • December 2012: Wayne LaPierre outlines unenforced gun laws • Bill O'Reilly argues for more aggressive sentences for gun crimes

You can hear the show now by downloading the mp3 on The Jimmy Z Show's Facebook page.

• Supreme Court: Same Sex Marriage Update

Email From
Dear Friend,

I'll send a more detailed summary later, but I think that it was a great day for us in the Supreme Court! Here is an LA Times article covering our initial reactions to the arguments and the questions from the nine justices.

Also, the audio recording of the hearing will be available for you to listen to HERE. Watch for more analysis and updates as this unfolds. But suffice it to say: We are going to win this case!

Prop 8 General Counsel

Monday, March 25, 2013

• Bloomberg In Context

I looked this up... Here's the whole quote IN CONTEXT, and I'm asking, what do you disagree with?
"I do not think we should ban most things. I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom, and that is, for example, if you're drinking, we shouldn't let you drive, because you'll kill somebody else. If you are carrying a gun, we shouldn't let you on an airplane. There's a lot of things that we do - if there's asbestos in the classroom we should remove the kids from the classroom until you clean the air."

• Monday's Show

Today's show topics and issues include • Jim Carrey's anti-gun, anti-America, anti-Constitution tantrum • Cold Dead Hand song shows self important, ignorant sides of Carrey • Reviewing the lyrics of Cold Dead Hand • Discussion on Facebook: Wealthy celebrities insulated from reality • James Merritt: On worshiping God and the culture war in America • Karl Rove: He could imagine a pro-same sex marriage GOP candidate • The story behind Ben Affleck's great film, Argo • Interview with Ben Affleck and Tony Mendez on Good Morning America • Dr. Ben Carson interview on ABC's This Week • Pousé (Touré) begins the Uncle Tomming of Dr. Benjamin Carson • Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NRA's Wayne LaPierre on Meet The Press

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

• GOP Now Caving on Gay Marriage

How Typical!

Right after the 2012 election many Republicans started crying in their beers about their lack of votes from Hispanics. The GOP said they had to change their message and considered “evolving” on the issue of illegal immigration. “Hispandering” at its worst.

They are now doing the same thing on gay marriage. Republicans say their party is “evolving”. CP-USA says the GOP is actually dissolving.

Senator Rob Portman (R. OH) actually reversed himself on gay marriage after opposing it for years. Why? Not because the issue has changed. Not because morality and ethics have changed. Portman reversed himself because his son stepped out of the closet.

How can someone argue for years that gay marriage is wrong but do a 180 just because his son is gay? Would Portman support legalized pot if his son started smoking a joint? Would Portman want to repeal speeding laws if his son got a ticket? If his son got radicalized at college and joined Al Qaeda (which is entirely possible these days), would Portman then stop supporting the War on Terror?

Something is either morally right or it’s not. Conservatives don’t change their fundamental principles based on personal preferences or poll numbers. That’s what liberals do.

Now it’s clear that’s what Republicans also do.

Too many Republicans are starting to switch positions on gay marriage. Twenty-eight Republicans recently filed a Friend of the Court brief on a Supreme Court case where California voters rejected gay marriage - for the second time (Prop 8). Those RINO ‘s who now want to reverse the will of voters include Meg Whitman (who opposed gay marriage when she ran for CA governor), Arnold Schwarzenegger, President Bush (43), Jon Huntsman, former Senator Christie Todd Whitman and Dick Cheney, among others.

Remember that Republicans allowed “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” to get repealed in 2010 and are not defending DOMA even though they control the House. And yet they are still not getting the gay votes. The reason: most gays realize Republicans now “support” gay marriage only because they want gay votes. That’s all.

Have you ever heard a prominent Democrat reverse himself by saying he now opposes gay marriage when he previously supported it? Have you ever heard a key Democrat reverse herself by saying she now wants to deport illegal immigrants? Never! Only Republicans change their minds, “evolve” and switch positions. Since Republicans are acting more like Democrats on fiscal and social issues we must ask two serious questions:

What is the purpose of the Republican Party? Of what value is the GOP to Conservatives? The Conservative Party will not compromise its values for short-term political gain.

CP-USA represents traditional family values and fiscal responsibility. We firmly believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. We believed that yesterday, support that today AND will believe that tomorrow.

JOIN the Conservative Party USA!

H. Michael Hervey
Conservative Party USA
Twitter: @cpartyusa_01

• Creeping Conservative Racism Part 2

I hate to have to go after conservatives seemingly all the time, but this kind of CONSERVATIVE racism must stop. The worst offenders are so proud of their work that they attempt to explain it, while quashing the voices of those who warn them about what they're doing to our message by playing the conservative race card.

On Facebook, 'That Guy In The White House' is doing just that. I went to his post with the graphic he made (below) and wrote, "This kind of race baiting damages all conservatives. We should not be using the tactics of the left." (I'm probably paraphrasing myself.)

A short time later he answered my comment BY DELETING IT, and rationalizing his racist graphic this way:
"I have deleted several comments referring to this post as being racist. The problem we have today, is that race can ONLY be brought forward as a weapon against conservatives, when we are called "Racists" for pointing out fiscal issues, socialism, or failed Barack Obama policies. In this case, I will state the obvious, once more. The racism is in Barack Obama's tendency to jump to the defense of people of color in every situation."
So Mr. That Guy is saying that since Obama can do it, so can we. Do you all realize how much this hurts our message? We are the party of COLOR BLINDNESS! Once we start pointing out, "Look! A black guy did that!", we are handing ammunition to the left for them to use against us.
"He did it with Trayvon Martin and his professor friend in the "Beer Summit." He let his true feelings out when he spoke of his grandmother as a "typical white person" and attended a church of Black Liberation Theology. Blacks voted for Barack Obama by approximately 93%. Many admitted they voted for him because he is black. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton led marches over the death of Trayvon Martin." 
And so now Mr. That Guy wants to join in and use the same tactics? We should play the race card like liberals do because liberals can get away with it? Hey, the old media is still the old media, and they can use all of this against us.

It doesn't matter how race focused the other side is. We have to present the COLOR BLIND argument. We must speak out against crime. We must speak out about adults who have children and do not raise them. This was NOT a "hate crime".

This was not about black teens shooting a baby over race! This is about horrible, shocking evil - and to reduce it to conservative racism is the worst possible reaction. To EXPLOIT this murder and use it to attack Obama's political tactics is simply beneath us. Or at least it should be.

I am doubly sickened by Mr. That Guy because after deleting my comments and several others, he blocked myself (and presumably others), disallowing us to respond.

 I have to say, this kind of cowardice is becoming alarming common among conservatives online. When challenged by a fellow conservative to THINK about what they are doing, they delete the comment, block the writer, and move on with - in this case - their racism online.

And it's got to stop. -Jz

Saturday, March 23, 2013

• Conservatives Spreading Manure

• WARNING: Vile Images Posted On 'Tea Party Community'

I am very sorry to inform you that the new conservative social network site, Tea Party Community, is being overrun by homosexuals who are posting the most depraved, vile, degenerate images imaginable. Images so horrible, so wicked, I will not describe any of them for you. To say they are homosexual and pornographic is but the tip of the iceberg. And the staff running the website seems unable to do anything about it.

In fact, a nights ago I was scrolling through the main feed and came upon a dozen or more images in a row that were so perverted, my eyes literally hurt. I had to pause and pray and ask God to remove these images from my mind - I am not kidding, I am not exaggerating. It was that bad. I nearly threw up, and I have a very strong stomach.

No woman or child - or man for that matter! - should have to be exposed to this kind of crap. I have never imagined such disgusting acts that people were actually taking pictures of.

So until the people running Tea Party Community are able to stop it, I was warn you and recommend that you NOT visit the website at all. I will announce when the problem has been repaired. And if you do go there and you do, God forbid!, see any images like I'm talking about, you'll think "Oh Jimmy was right, I wish I hadn't seen this."

Take my word for it - do not risk it - and send an email to Tea Party Community here and demand they get some professionals to repair the security flaw. They are taking donations! It's time to spend that money on securing their very good website.

• Creeping Racism Amongst Conservatives

Here's a screen capture of a debate between myself and Tom Croswell. The frustrating thing for me, as you can read for yourself, is that he has no evidence (because there is no evidence) that the shooting in Georgia of a 17 month old child by two teens was racially motivated. As horrible and as heinous as that crime was, it is almost more horrible for conservatives to throw the race card and EXPLOIT the heartless murder for reasons of race baiting. Too many conservatives have fallen into the liberal trap, and now people like Tom sound like racists.

I don't believe he is a racist, but he just gave the left all kinds of ammunition.