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213. As an independent minded individual, I thought I'd seen it all..but I guess I was wrong. Thank you to all of you liberal and left wing posters who posted the unbelievable hate and vitriol... many of you even wishing that this man would die. You opened my eyes a lot more than you perhaps intended. If I ever had any questions about who the true twisted haters in this country are, you just removed all doubt. Whenever I see those on the Left try to claim that they represent love, progress and tolerance, I'll remember what I saw tonight.
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Do not miss this analysis of 3rd parties by Mark Levin

Extra credit: Listen to Mark Levin's analysis of Third Parties

There can be no third party if we want to win.

Click HERE to download (22 minutes)

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The text of SonlitKnight's Christmas message, as heard in The Jimmy Z Christmas Show. --Jz

Hello Everyone,

My good friend and brother in Christ, Jimmy Z has asked me to say a few words to you about Christmas. Unfortunately, what Christmas is, and what it means to me, cannot be summed up in words- at least not my words. Of the words in Scripture, I think the prophetic words of the prophet Isaiah come closest when he talks of the people walking in darkness seeing the great light. This great, powerful chapter of prophecy (Isaiah 9) gives rise to the great Christmas classic ‘’for unto us a child is born”. This, despite the fact that Isaiah prophesized those epic words centuries before the blessed event that we call ‘’the Nativity’’ and memorialize in a season called “Christmas”.

The exact date of the Nativity is something we cannot know with absolute certainty, although intense Biblical and historical study have convinced me that Jesus was born on December 25th, 1 BC, exactly as the calendar prescribes. Nevertheless, not knowing with certitude the exact date of that Silent, holy night, should not prevent one from fully contemplating why the early Christian church identified it as the one, singular event around which all time is measured. Take a moment to think about that.

In short, Christmas day is at the center and summit of all days.
None in history before or since, reach it in importance. Some Christians argue that Good Friday or Easter surpasses it. I disagree, and so, obviously did the early church. The reason is simple. Christmas is where it begins for us. Christmas is the ultimate day of paradox. Christmas is the day when the impossible triumphed over the possible, when despair was crushed by hope. Not the vain and empty hope offered by shallow politicians but the healing hope of Immanuel- that is, “God with us”.

It IS that day of the great light and how great a light it is! The true light that enlightens every man came into the world. As Christian singer Michael Card penned; “eternity stepped into time”.

As I said before, Christmas is a time of paradox and that is what makes it so wonderful and overwhelming for believers and so incomprehensible and impossible for the lost. For one who can see only with his limited eyes, hear only with his weak ears and comprehend only with his frail mind, nothing exists beyond light and shadow and depth and height. For this one, there is nothing that exists that cannot be perceived by the senses and there is no line of demarcation between paradox and contradiction.

It is his loss. He will never understand how a woman’s most painful experience exists, simultaneously with her most joyous, in the miracle of childbirth. He will never understand how anyone can feel joy even in the midst of the deepest and darkest despair, as in the death of a loved one.

That joy is the miracle of Christmas. That spark of light that pierced the enveloping darkness and took from pain and sadness and suffering, and even death, it’s victory. As the Apostle Paul says, in mocking the powers of darkness, “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?" (Corinthians 15:55).

Can we exist in a world without pain or sorrow or death or darkness? No, not yet. But know this. I look out my window right now, in the midst of a blizzard and I see a world blanketed in the purity of white. I see a hundred colors of light piercing a marshmallow frosting on housetops and balconies, trees and bushes and inside windows, I see trees in a blaze of silver and gold and green and red and blue, shimmering in dazzling light. I also see children playing, kicking up the snow and shoppers bustling about with arms full of packages and joy and excitement on so many faces.

And above it all, set against the sheet of white, I see the steeples of churches cutting the sky and calling us all back home.

Close your eyes and feel the snow on your face and listen to the children laugh and hear the majestic bells pierce the wind. Then let your mind wander in joyous rapture to a frigid winter night where a baby is cradled in the arms of a young mother, as the shiver in the stable amongst cattle and sheep.

As you open your eyes to the shock of snow and light, the explosion of color that leaps forth from the white canvas, you can feel the magic of this time of year. It fills every cell and penetrates every molecule. The joy of family and presents and eggnog and music are all part of the experience. I am sure your home will smell like pine and cinnamon and turkey and pumpkin pie all at once.

Yet, amidst all the noise of children running from room to room, the furious tearing of paper, the deep baritone of grandpa laughing with the grandkids, the sweet smells pouring from the kitchen, with be a still small voice that brings inexpressible joy to your heart. A holy haunting, carried on the softest breath of wind, borne on the wings of the ghosts of Christmas past.

It is that small voice that is not merely the center of your Christmas but the center of your life. Be recharged this Christmas, be rededicated. It is that light, that Great light, that will help you find your way through the coming darkness.


The more time that goes by, the more I miss Mr. Reagan. --Jz

December 15 1983

My fellow Americans:

In just a moment we'll be lighting our National Christmas Tree, continuing a wonderful tradition that was started by President Coolidge 60 years ago.

I know there's a special feeling that we share when we push the button lighting up that tree. It's as if each one of those twinkling lights sends a new spirit of love, hope, and joy through the heart of America.' And, of course, the brightest light of all is the Star of Peace, expressing our hopes and prayers for peace for our families, our communities, our nation, and the world.

On behalf of our fellow citizens, Nancy and I would like to thank all of you on the Ellipse who have given America such a beautiful Christmas present, the 1983 Pageant for Peace.

Christmas is a time for giving, and as we reach out to family and friends, I hope we'll also open our hearts to those who are lonely and in need, citizens less fortunate than ourselves, brave soldiers working to preserve peace from the tip of Alaska to the shores of Lebanon, to the DMZ in Korea, families maintaining a constant vigil for their missing in action, and millions forbidden the freedom to worship a God who so loved the world that He gave us the birth of the Christ Child so that we might learn to love each other. I know they would welcome your expressions of love and support.

Many stories have been written about Christmas. Charles Dickens' "Carol" is probably the most famous. Well, I'd like to read some lines from a favorite of mine called, "One Solitary Life," which describes for me the meaning of Christmas. It's the story of a man born of Jewish parents who grew up in an obscure village working in a carpenter shop until he was 30 and then for 3 years as a preacher. And, as the story says, he never wrote a book, he never held an office, he never had a family, he never went to college, he never traveled 200 miles from the place where he was born. He never did one of the things that usually accompany greatness.

While still a young man, the tide of popular opinion turned against him. His friends ran away. One of them denied him. He was turned over to his enemies. He went through the mockery of a trial. He was nailed upon a cross between two thieves. While he was dying, his executioners gambled for the only piece of property that he had on Earth. When he was dead he was taken down and laid in a borrowed grave.

Nineteen wide centuries have come and gone. And today he is the centerpiece of much of the human race. All the armies that ever marched, all the navies that were ever built, and all the parliaments that ever sat, and all the kings that ever reigned, put together, have not affected the life of man upon Earth as powerfully as this one solitary life.

I have always believed that the message of Jesus is one of hope and joy. I know there are those who recognize Christmas Day as the birthday of a great and good man, a wise teacher who gave us principles to live by. And then there are others of us who believe that he was the Son of God, that he was divine. If we live our lives for truth, for love, and for God, we never need be afraid. God will be with us, and He will be part of something much larger, much more powerful and enduring than any force here on Earth.

Now, tonight I have a very special person here with me to spread our Christmas joy. Her name is Amy Benham, and she comes all the way from Westport, Washington. Amy recently wrote the leaders of a public-spirited project named "Make A Wish" and said, "The Christmas tree that lights up for our country must be seen all the way to heaven. I would wish so much to help the President turn on those Christmas lights."

Well, Amy, the nicest Christmas present I could receive is helping you make your dream come true. When you press the button over here—we're going over there-the whole world will know that Amy Benham lit up the skies, sending America's love, hope, and joy all the way to heaven and making the angels sing.

And now, you and I will walk over so you can light the tree. And then after that's done we'll all join in singing one of our favorite Christmas carols, "Joy to the World." So, let's go over here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I wrote this piece but words come with difficulty
Is it righteous hatred I feel?

Merry Christmas. So far, this is my least favorite Christmas ever.

Everything added up all together has given me a gnarly ache in my stomach this year at Christmastime. It's not like Christmas needs to be this effervescent exclamation of joy and nirvana, but usually - like I said on the show - people do settle down. I will have to force myself this year to settle down and relax. I am so angry at what the leftist politicians are doing.

It would be different if I knew that 55% or 60% or more of my fellow Americans wanted this damned thing. Then the democrats would not have to be so (I'd really like to swear mightily here) damned sneaky and underhanded and dastardly in their take over of our health care. And, I'd just have to tell myself 'hey, that's what Americans want!' and put up with it.

But we have won the battle for the minds are hearts of the American people. And this perfect storm of liberalism running amuck has produced all the votes they need in order to tell the American people, 'F you, we do what we want'. You've heard my show, so you know how far they've gone to break rules and change rules, even preventing -- it appears -- our hopes of repealing the law. At best, it would take so long to pursue repealing the law in court, what with all of the questions about different areas being constitutional, the law would be in effect for a long time before we found ourselves able to really do anything about it.

Save divine intervention from Heaven
Obama's aggressive anti-Americanism
could damage freedom and liberty for good
in this country, and for the rest of
lives we'd be stuck with what was

left of a once great United States.

Toss into the mix that some democrats like Al Franken shouldn't even be there, and the result is an unstoppable machine of power and liberal ideology. They are so filled with hate, rage and disdain for freedom and liberty, they will do everything they can to end it - right now, no delays. The worst poll numbers for Obama and Congress do not matter. Screw the polls - they will take over and there is nothing that you puny Americans can do about it.

So Christmas has an ugly veneer this year. I should separate it and enjoy the day for what it is, but it's not going to be easy. I am watching my country being stolen from me and I cannot put an end to the nightmare. Sure, an unprecedented conservative revolution is likely in 2010, just as we predicted during the 2008 campaign. But I fear it will be far too little, far too late.

One of my great friends told me, back in the summer of 2008, that if John McCain lost we could undo whatever damage Obama and the democrats did when we took back the majority in the House in 2010. But I told him then, and I'm telling you now, that the damage might be too great to undo. That save divine intervention from Heaven above, Obama's aggressive anti-Americanism could damage freedom and liberty for good in this country, and for the rest of our lives we'd be stuck with what was left of a once great United States.

I was told at the time that John McCain would be just as bad for the country as Obama, and worse for the conservative movement. While I am certain that the latter is true, I am just as certain that the former is not. President McCain would never have led us down this path. President McCain would never have pursued this unGodly power grab, having the government take control of our entire health care industry. President McCain would not have led us into deeper debt and astronomical deficit spending. President McCain would not have bowed to other leaders in the Middle East and the Orient.

So here we are, with the President that 52.5% of the people elected (and for whom many of those now question their choice). And Mr. Obama does not care what the American people think. He could not care less. He doesn't care that his poll numbers are in the toilet. He sees himself like no President has ever before. He has spent quality time with Chavez and Ortega. He wants to be like them. And he is moving in that direction as quickly as he can, with his political demon-helpers Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Damn them all to hell. If I wasn't so filled with the joy of Christmas, I would pray God to smite them where they stand.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

King Mohammed VI of Morocco

Afghan President Hamid Karzai

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

King Abdullah II of Jordan

Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev

Chinese President Hu Jintao

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney

US President Barack Hussein Obama

Sunday, November 29, 2009


The Jimmy Z Show still makes crazy people - um - crazy
My show intimidates people who follow Obama

The Jimmy Z Show has been drawing listeners away from Blog Talk Radio.
Someone got upset.

First of all, Blog Talk Radio did not end my association with them -- I ended my association with Blog Talk Radio -- for two very good reasons. These are: First, the management. Blog Talk Radio is operated by far-left ideologues who do not understand anything about good radio, and would rather put limits on the best of the best than to allow the single most creative radio show (mine!) to bloom.

Second -- and probably more importantly: The sound at Blog Talk Radio is horrible. The equipment I use is top flight. I have one of the finest mics available and for that matter, one of the best voices in radio, and neither was up to the challenge of working with the system at Blog Talk Radio.

Before we finish with Blog Talk Radio, let us take a minute to remind you that it was our show, The American Truth Warriors Show at Blog Talk Radio that exposed the handle fraud in the first place, and we moved to prove conclusively that you and your friends faked 'Troops handles' (iraq_troops was one, afghan_troops was another) to gain attention for your shows on Blog Talk Radio -- shows where you continued to copy our bits, innovations and show concepts.

My program, like Mr.
Limbaugh's, is about
what I think. It is about
what I care about.

It was myself & my partner, with Debra JM Smith and Matt Buff who pissed you off something awful when we gathered to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We exposed the handles, and within an hour the fraud troops names were replaced. I was notified by the Blog Talk Radio system and found out that the names had changed. When that was reported in our next investigation on the show, the renamed fake accounts disappeared entirely.

All of this chicanery on your part was done with the knowledge of Blog Talk Radio for publicity. It was said by yourself and many others that there were hundreds of troops gathered with lap tops listening for hours and hours at a time to various Blog Talk Radio shows. We proved that was not happening. We had a guest on our show who works daily with the troops in the middle east and she told our listeners that this was -- in fact -- not happening.

You act as if The Jimmy Z Show needs callers to become more complete or gather more listeners. I assure you this is not the case. Like Rush Limbaugh, I don't have to take callers to make the show compelling.

My program, like Mr. Limbaugh's, is about what I think. It's about what I care about. While I do look forward to the inclusion of some listeners calling in (and that is going to happen very soon! And you know that; you and I both know you are listening to the latest Jimmy Z Shows), its not as if there is only MY voice on every show.

Also, let me remind you that it was you and your hoodlum friends in a chat room who once said of me 'you are like a cross between Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern.' And that was because of what I was typing! I've never received a bigger compliment and I will never forget it.

Blog Talk Radio would have
been smart to work with me,
but I literally thank God for
moving me away from their
limitations, poor character
and lousy sound.

The Jimmy Z Show has had some of the best interviews on radio anywhere. And because I'm not limited by time constraints on commercial radio, the interviews go into greater depth and detail than you will find elsewhere on radio OR television. Add to that the regular commentary by my former partner -- colorful political commentary comparable to Dick Morris or Scott Rasmussen -- and all the other guests, and you have a variety of opinion on talk radio second to none.

The Jimmy Z Show is also heard on US Web Talk Radio and will debut on other internet radio websites this coming week. When you say 'no one can handle' The Jimmy Z Show, I have no idea on earth what you mean! The show has been consistent and grown exponentially. I suppose that's why you are upset, and I understand.

Now as to your empty threats, you and I both know you're full of baloney -- hooey, as I like to say. There was no such occurrence. You and I both know that. While you can fool all of the liberals all of the time, you cannot threaten Jimmy Z any of the time, because I cannot be fooled -- especially considering that this is my life you're talking about. It's not like I wake up some mornings and think, 'hey, maybe that did happen after all!'

No, your lies get nowhere with me. Sorry to say, you're wasting your time. You would be funny if you weren't so awfully sad.

Blog Talk Radio would have been smart to work with me, but I literally thank God for moving me away from their limitations, poor character and lousy sound. I now have a program that is tight and professional, with sound on par with FM radio. The future is bright and The Jimmy Z Show can only get better. Hard to believe, I know, but improvement is one thing I always strive for.

I thank you for this opportunity to outline the advantages of doing my show my way on my own site. I think it is about a month premature, and I'll probably do some kind of 'state of the show' bit on the show after the first of the year. You spoke of anniversaries: The Jimmy Z Show will have it's first year anniversary on January 17th.

I trust you'll be listening.
Best regards,


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Rest in Peace: Lt. Col. Juanita Warman, 55, of Havre De Grace, MD, was a psychiatric nurse and registered nurse practictioner who was excited to deploy back to the Middle East. The highest ranking officer to be killed at Ft. Hood, Juanita is survived by her husband, two daughters, and six grandchildren.

Rest in Peace: Capt. Russell Seager, 51, of Mt. Pleasant, WI, a teacher and nurse practitioner, Russell was dedicated to helping soldiers deal with the stress of war. He is survived by his wife and son.

Rest in Peace: Maj. Libardo Eduardo Caraveo, 52, of Woodbridge, VA, an immigrant from Mexico who arrived in the United States knowing very little English and went on to earn a doctorate degree in psychology from the University of Arizona. He is survived by his son, also named Eduardo.

Rest in Peace: Capt. John Gaffaney, 56, of San Diego, CA, who retired from the military in 1999 and then reenlisted with the Army Reserve following 9/11. John, whose father was a Korean War veterean, is survived by his wife and son.

Rest in Peace: Spc. Frederick Greene, 29, of Mountain City, TN, was active in his church while growing up and was known as a hard worker and computer whiz to his friends. Frederick is survived by his wife and two children.

Rest in Peace: Staff Sgt. Justin DeCrow, 32, of Ft. Gordon, GA, who is survived by his wife and 13-year old daughter.

Rest in Peace: Pfc. Michael Pearson, 21, of Bolingbrook, IL, who joined the Army last year and was training as an engineer specializing in defusing explosives. Michael hadn't seen his family in over a year and was planning on coming home to visit this Christmas.

Rest in Peace: Francheska Velez, 21, of Chicago, pregnant and recently having returned to Ft. Hood from deployment in Iraq. She had planned on making a lifelong career in the Army.

Rest in Peace: Michael Grant Cahill, 62, who worked as a physician's assistant at Ft. Hood and was just returning to work after taking a leave of absence to recover from a heart attack. Pictured here with his grandson, Michael's survived by his wife and three children.

Rest in Peace: Pfc. Aaron Thomas Nemelka, 19, of West Jordan, Utah, who planned to ask his girlfriend to marry him this Christmas, just before his scheduled deployment to the Middle East. One of the very first shot at Ft. Hood, he died instantly.

Rest in Peace: Pfc. Kham Xiong, 23, of St. Paul, MN, father of 3, whose father and grandfather fought with the U.S. against the Viet Cong and whose brother is a Marine serving in Afghanistan. First generation immigrant from Laos whose American Dream came to an abrupt end at Ft. Hood.

Rest in Peace: Spc. Jason Dean Hunt, 22, of Frederick, OK, joined the Army in '05, and was married only two months ago. Among 13 killed at Ft. Hood.

Rest in Peace: Sgt. Amy Krueger, 29, who joined the military shortly after 9/11, determined to hunt down Osama bin Laden.

My most sincere thanks go to Dan, a friend at Facebook,
for compiling this list, information, and photos. --Jz

Saturday, November 7, 2009


These are the Blue Dog Coalition members who voted for the Pelosi bill. They voted for, among other things, for the federal government to FORCE Americans to buy health care insurance, or to pay a fine, or even to go to jail for up to five years.

Make them suffer with constant harassment in the form of protests, phone call, faxes and personal visits. DO NOT LET UP. They're going home for the Thanksgiving break. They need to know that they will NEVER be re-elected.

BE SURE to listen to The Jimmy Z Show, ON DEMAND Monday thru Friday!
All 200+ shows since January 17, 2009 are posted and ready
for listening any time.
Do not miss Monday's show!

Arcuri, Mike (NY-24)
Washington DC Office 127 Cannon HOB Washington, DC 20515 (202)225-3665 Fax: (202)225-1891
Utica Office 10 Broad St, Room 330 Utica, NY 13501 Ph: (315)793-8146 Fax: (315)798-4099
Auburn Office 17 E. Genesee Street Auburn, NY, 13021 Ph: (315)252-2777/2778 Fax: (315)252-2779
Cortland Office 16 Church St., Carriage House R. Cortland, NY, 13045 Ph: (607)756-2470 Fax: (607)756-2472

Baca, Joe (CA-43)
District Office 201 North "E" Street, Suite 102 San Bernardino, CA 92401 (909)885-BACA (2222) Fax: (909)888-5959
Washington, D.C. Office 2245 Rayburn House Off. Bldg Washington, D.C. 20515-0542 (202)225-6161 Fax: (202)225-8671

Berry, Marion (AR-01)
2305 Rayburn H.O.B. Washington, DC 20515 (202) 225-4076 (202) 225-5602 FAX
108 E Huntington Jonesboro, AR 72401 (870) 972-4600 (800) 866-2701 (870) 972-4605 FAX
112 S. First Street Cabot, AR 72023 (501) 843-3043 (501) 843-4955 FAX
1 E 7th St., Suite 200 Courthouse Square Mountain Home, AR 72653 (870) 425-3510 (870) 425-3511 FAX
(Marion proudly displays the 'Blue Dog Democrat' logo on his home page)

Bishop, Sanford (GA-02)
WASHINGTON OFFICE 2429 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC 20515-1002
Phone- (202) 225-3631 Fax- (202) 225-2203
ALBANY OFFICE 235 Roosevelt Avenue Albany Towers, Suite 114 Albany GA 31701
Phone: (229) 439-8067 Fax: (229) 436-2099
COLUMBUS OFFICE 18 Ninth Street, Suite 201 Columbus, GA 31901
Phone: (706) 320-9477 Fax: (706) 320-9479
THOMASVILLE OFFICE 137 East Jackson Street, Thomasville, GA 31792
Phone: (229) 226-7789 Fax: (229) 226-7860
(Sanford proudly displays the 'Blue Dog Democrat' logo on his home page)

Boswell, Leonard (IA-03)
Washington DC Office 1427 Longworth House Office Building Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3806 Fax: (202) 225-5608
Iowa District Office 300 East Locust, Suite 320 Des Moines, IA 50309
Phone: (515) 282-1909 Fax: (515) 282-1785

Cardoza, Dennis (CA-18)
1224 Longworth Building Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-6131 Fax: 225-0819 800-356-6424
Merced County Administration Bldg. 2222 M Street, Suite 305 Merced, CA 95340
(209) 383-4455 Fax: 726-1065 800-356-6424
(Dennis features a debt clock on his home page)

Carney, Christopher (PA-10)

416 Cannon HOB Washington, DC 20515 Ph: (202) 225-3731 Fx: (202) 225-9594
521 Franklin Street Shamokin, PA 17872 Phone: (570) 644-1682 Fax: (570) 644-1684
233 Northern Boulevard Suite 4 Clarks Summit, PA 18411 Phone: (570) 585-9988
Toll free: (866) 846-8124 Fax: (570) 585-9977
175 Pine St. Suite 103 Williamsport, PA 17701
Phone: (570) 327-1902 Fax: (570) 327-1904

Cooper, Jim (TN-05)
605 Church Street Nashville, TN 37219 Phone: 615-736-5295 Fax: 615-736-7479
1536 Longworth HOB Washington, D.C. 20515 Phone: 202-225-4311 Fax: 202-226-1035

Costa, Jim (CA-20)
1314 Longworth House Office Building Washington, DC 20515
Phone:202-225-3341 Fax: 202-225-9308
2700 M Street Suite 225 Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone:661-869-1620 Fax: 661-869-1027
Suite 940 855 M Street Fresno, CA 93721
Phone:559-495-1620 Fax:559-495-1027
(Jim features a debt clock on his home page)

Cuellar, Henry (TX-28)
336 Cannon H.O.B. Washington, DC 20515 phone: 202-225-1640 fax: 202-225-1641
602 E. Calton Road, Suite 2 Laredo, Texas 78041 phone: (956) 725-0639 fax: (956) 725-2647
320 N. Main Street, Suite 221 McAllen, Texas 78501 phone: (956) 631-4826 fax: (956) 631-4251
100 N. F.M. 3167 Rio Grande City, Texas 78582 phone: (956) 487-5603 fax: (956) 488-0952
615 E. Houston Street, Suite 451 San Antonio, Texas 78205 phone: (210)271-2851 fax: (210) 277-6671
100 S. Austin Street, Suite 1 Seguin, Texas 78155 phone: (830) 401-0457 fax: (830) 379-0984

Dahlkemper, Kathy (PA-03)
516 Cannon House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5406 Fax: (202) 225-3103
Armstrong County Commissioner’s Office 450 E Market St Kittanning, PA 16201
290 South Duffy Road Butler, PA 16001 Phone: (724) 285-3595
984 Water St Meadville, PA 16335
208 E. Bayfront Parkway Suite 102 Erie, PA 16507 Toll Free: 1-877-KATHY4U (1-877-528-4948) Local: (814) 456-2038 Fax: (814) 454-0163
800 N. Hermitage Road, Suite 417 Hermitage, PA 16148 Phone: (724) 342-2685
511 Hill St Emlenton, PA 16373
800 Pennsylvania Avenue Warren, PA 16365
(Note: Some offices do not list phone numbers per her website)

Donnelly, Joe (IN-02)
1530 Longworth House Office Building Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3915 Fax: (202) 225-6798
207 West Colfax Avenue South Bend, IN 46601 Phone: 574.288.2780 Fax: 574.288.2825
300 East Broadway Suite #102 Logansport, IN 46947 Phone: 574-753-2671 Fax: 574-753-7615
813 Lincolnway Suite 100 La Porte, IN 46350 Phone: 219.326.6808 ext. 2414
100 East Michigan Boulevard Michigan City, IN 46360 Phone: 219.873.1408 ext. 354
City Council Chambers 100 South Union Street Kokomo, IN 46901 (no phone number)

Ellsworth, Brad (IN-08)
513 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515
ph:(202) 225-4636 fx:(202) 225-3284 Toll Free: (866) 567-0227
901 Wabash Avenue Suite 140 Terre Haute, Indiana 47807
ph: (812) 232-0523 fx: (812) 232-0526
101 NW Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Room 124 Evansville, Indiana 47708
ph: (812) 465-6484 fx: (812) 422-4761
(Brad features a debt clock on his home page)

Giffords, Gabrielle (AZ-08)
1728 Longworth House Office Building Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-2542 Fax: (202) 225-0378
77 Calle Portal, Suite B-160 Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Phone: (520) 459-3115 Fax: (520) 459-5419
1661 N. Swan, Suite 112 Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: (520) 881-3588 Fax: (520) 322-9490

Harman, Jane (CA-36)
2400 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225 8220 Fax: (202) 226 7290
2321 E. Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 3270 El Segundo, CA 90245
Phone: (310) 643 3636 Fax: (310) 643 6445
544 N. Avalon Boulevard, Suite 307 Wilmington, CA 90744
Phone: (310) 549 8282 Fax: (310) 549 8250

Hill, Baron (IN-09)
223 Cannon House Office Bld Washington DC 20515
202.225.5315 (ph) 202.226.6866 (fax)
279 Quartermaster Court Jeffersonville, IN 41730
812.288.3999 (ph) 812.288.3873 (fax)
320 W. 8th Street, Suite 114 Bloomington, IN 47404
812.336.3000 (ph) 812.336.3355 (fax)
(Baron features a debt clock on his home page)

Michaud, Mike (ME-02)
1724 Longworth HOB Washington, DC 20515-1902 Phone: 202-225-6306 Fax: 202-225-2943
6 State Street Suite 101 Bangor, ME 04401 Phone: 207-942-6935 Fax: 207-942-5907
179 Lisbon Street Ground Floor Lewiston, ME 04240 Phone: 207-782-3704 Fax: 207-782-5330
445 Main Street Presque Isle, ME 04769 Phone: 207-764-1036 Fax: 207-764-1060
16 Common Street Waterville, ME 04901 Phone: 207-873-5713 Fax: 207-873-5717

Mitchell, Harry (AZ-05)
1410 Longworth House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515 (202) 225-2190
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Moore, Dennis (KS-03)
1727 Longworth HOB Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202) 225-2865 FAX: (202) 225-2807
8417 Santa Fe Drive #101 Overland Park, KS 66212 Phone: (913) 383-2013 FAX: (913) 383-2088
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901 Kentucky St. #205 Lawrence, KS 66044 Phone: (785) 842-9313 FAX: (785) 843-3289

Murphy, Patrick (PA-08)
1609 Longworth HOB Washington, DC 20515 (202) 225-4276 Fax: (202) 225-9511
414 Mill Street Bristol, PA 19007 (215) 826-1963 Fax: (215) 826-1997
72 North Main Street Doylestown, PA 18901 (215) 348-1194 Fax: (215) 348-1449
(Patrick features a debt clock on his home page)

Pomeroy, Earl (ND)
1501 Longworth House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202) 225-2611 Fax: (202) 226-0893
Room 328, Federal Building 220 East Rosser Avenue Bismarck, ND 58501
Phone: (701) 224-0355 Fax: (701) 224-0431
3003 32nd Ave S Suite 6 Fargo, ND 58103 Phone: (701) 235-9760 Fax: (701) 235-9767

Salazar, John (CO-03)
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225 North 5th Street, STE 702 Grand Junction, CO 81501 970-245-7107 970- 245-2194 (fax)
134 West B Street Pueblo, CO 81003 719-543-8200 719-543-8204 (fax)
813 Main Ave, Ste 300 Durango, CO 81301 970-259-1012 970-259-9467 (fax)
609 Main Street, #6 Alamosa, CO 81101 719-587-5105 719-587-5137 (fax)

Sanchez, Loretta (CA-47)
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12397 Lewis Street, Suite 101 Garden Grove, CA 92840 Phone: (714) 621-0102 Fax: (714) 621-0401

Schiff, Adam (CA-29)

2447 Rayburn House Office Building Washington D.C. 20515
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Scott, David (GA-13)
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Space, Zack (OH-18)
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Wilson, Charles (OH-06)
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202 Park Ave. Suite C Ironton, OH 45638 ph: (740) 533-9423 fx: (740) 533-9359
1200 Main Street Wellsville, OH 43968 ph: (330) 532-3740
(Charles proudly displays the 'Blue Dog Democrat' logo on his home page)

Credit Where Credit is Due Dept:
These are the Blue Dogs that voted NO on Pelosi-Care:

Altmire, Jason (PA-04)
Barrow, John (GA-12)
Boren, Dan (OK-02)
Boyd, Allen (FL-02)
Bright, Bobby (AL-02)
Chandler, Ben (KY-06)
Childers, Travis (MS-01)
Davis, Lincoln (TN-04)
Gordon, Bart (TN-06)
Griffith, Parker (AL-05)
Holden, Tim (PA-17)
Kratovil, Jr., Frank (MD-01)
McIntyre, Mike (NC-07)
Marshall, Jim (GA-08)
Matheson, Jim (UT-02)
Melancon, Charlie (LA-03)
Minnick, Walt (ID-01)
Nye, Glenn (VA-02)
Peterson, Collin (MN-07)
Ross, Mike (AR-04)
Shuler, Heath (NC-11)
Tanner, John (TN-08)
Taylor, Gene (MS-04)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Doug Hoffman's campaign needs you to join the fight
This battle is far from over


(I am delighted to pass this along from inside the campaign. Please do what you can! --Jz)

'As many of you know, I have been working on Doug Hoffman's outreach campaign. And as most know by now, it's a neck and neck race with 3rd Party Conservative Doug Hoffman and a typical Obama Democrat now that the liberal 'Republican' Scozzafava suspended her campaign yesterday. The time has come to throw down the gauntlet for the survival of the Republican Party and lure it back to its core beliefs. The election is TUESDAY.

"This is truly a time to take a stand. This campaign may be a local upstate NY 23rd Congressional District election, but it WILL ABSOLUTELY have national ramifications in setting the tenor for the ever so important 2010 elections.

"Because Scozzafava suspended her campaign does not make Doug a shoe-in by any means. Many of her supporters may defect to the Democrat, with whom her positions were far more aligned.

"If you can donate a few bucks, great; click below. If not, please just forward on to those who you think may be able to.

Click HERE to donate NOW!

"Below are a few nuggets from Sean, Newt, Doug's op ed in the NY Post, the oh so nasty Frank Rich today in the NYT, a piece on the big money the Dems are spending (including BO attending a recent NYC fund raiser to aid their cause.)


“I’ve got to tell you, this vote is why I don’t want to be a republican,” fumed Sean, “I want no part of the Olympia Snow’s or Specter’s who just aren’t standing on conservative principles.” Sean Hannity

There's a chance that Scozzafava's remaining supporters were independents or liberal Republicans who didn't necessarily want a Democrat in Congress or who couldn't bring themselves to support someone as conservative as Hoffman. They may break heavily for Owens. Hopefully we'll get another poll or two before the voting starts on Tuesday. Realpolitics 10.31.09

He said Mr. Hoffman's "rise is a result of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News, the Club for Growth, Gov. [Sarah] Palin and [Minnesota Gov. Tim] Pawlenty and former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and virtually the entire national conservative movement joining with Mike Long, whose Conservative Party, a very established organization, which won its first big race 39 years ago. This was not an isolated amateur; this is an entire movement." Mr. Gingrich said. 11.1.09

New York Daily News

New York Times

The Times Union

Political IV

American Spectator


Acceptance of liberals and moderates has
tarnished the GOP
No more liberal RINOs

'Republicans In Name Only' have got to go

The thread began with a simple post -- and no link to a story attached -- by 'Simon':

"Scozzafava drops out of the race. What say you, Newt?"

A big story this weekend to be sure. I love reading the comments (most of them smart and very astute). Then, scrolling down through the well over 30 comments, I came upon a few of Robert's posts within the thread on Facebook (There were of course other posts by other participants who prompted more comments by Robert):

"So, let's say Hoffman loses. What will each of YOU on this thread have to say?"

"I think the GOP has to become more inclusive because we generally don't have enough self-identified Republicans to win elections and we have to get past the litmus tests activists like to give."

"I want to WIN elections!"

"Therer [sic] aren't enough conservatives to win most elections on there own. Sorry, but the latest Gallop poll shows 40% identify themselves as conservatives. You HAVE to get independents and middle of the road to ally to win." [By the way Robert: That 40% is the single LARGEST self-identified political group in the country by far - and the opposing left is a scant 5%. Secondly, the way you get independents and moderates to vote for GOP candidates is by delivering STRONG CONSERVATIVES].

"and don't forget that here in Texas, our numbers are so big that the rest of the nation is probably a lot smaller in number..especially in large metro areas that determine elections nationally."

"I think we need to support the REPUBLICAN that can win. You can't compare upstate NY to Virginia. It's very liberal up there and the Republican we are replacing would be considered a RINO in many people's eyes. The only vote that matters is for Speaker of the House. Scazzo committed a Boehner vote. You won't get that from the Dem."

We have to vote for conservatives
so conservatives can beat down their
agenda in the House and the Senate

Obviously, this political 'philosophy' that Robert is talking about is the one that got us where we are now. We have been playing it Robert's way for a couple of decades now. Hell, here in CA we've been playing patticake with the liberals by propping up liberal RINOs (Arnold, anyone?) and what have we achieved? Nada.

So it pissed me off enough to forgo my usual pleasant and professional demeanor on Facebook and let Robert have it. If you agree with me, you're going to love this. If you don't agree with me, too freakin' bad:

@Robert: Seriously, have you been paying attention to what is going on in our country? I get so damned sick of being told that "we need to be accepting of liberal republicans, and we need to vote for republicans no matter what their political leanings. Right, middle, moderate or left; it doesn't matter. Just vote Republican."

Robert, that philosophy of yours is HOW WE GOT HERE. This bone-headed philosophy got us Arlen Specter and John McCain, and for that matter, your political philosophy got us Barack Obama in the White House for God's sake!

ENOUGH! No more voting for Republicans who do not espouse conservative principles, both political and social.


I'll even go one step further: You, Robert, are part of the problem. You either can't see the truth, or you're denying the truth on purpose. Our opposition is steadfast in their far left pursuit of this country.

Have you ever known of a football team that could do battle with an aggressive and successful team's strong offense by using a weak, ineffective and nansy-pansy 'prevent defense?' No, of course not.

We cannot fight liberals in Congress with moderates and liberals. That makes no freakin' sense whatsoever. That's like sending in gang bangers to bust up gang warfare in Los Angeles. Ridiculous.

No sir Robert, the ONLY way to do battle with liberals is to be staunchly right wing and conservative. We have to vote for conservatives so conservatives can beat down their agenda in the House and the Senate.

Let me remind you of one more important piece of information: It was YOUR PHILOSOPHY that lead to the House approval of Cap & Trade early this year. Remember that, Robert? 8 Republicans voted for that bill in the House. EIGHT REPUBLICANS THAT YOUR PHILOSOPHY PUTS IN OFFICE. Without those 8 votes, Cap & Tax would not have passed.

So in conclusion I say take your moderate, accepting and tolerant political philosophy and shove it up your ass. I realize this post has been mighty aggressive, but seriously - with only 12 months to go until the 2010 midterms, we don't have time to fiddle around with you and your ilk, or try to convince you how wrong you are.

JUST GET OUT OF OUR WAY. We have a lot work to do.
No offense,

ADDENDUM: 'Robert' responds:

Jimmy, you aren't good at math are you! With only 23% self-identified Republicans in our country, narrowing the net is a sure-way to DEFEAT every time.

The Democrats outsmarted Republicans by opening THEIR tent and accepting LESS THAN PERFECT LIBERALS in the Blue Dog coalition to defeat Republicans. Do you think Barbara Streisand was thrilled at the prospect of all those other-than-true-Liberal Democrats???

Don't blame McCain for the loss against Obama. The Dems put up a charismatic candidate while the TRUE Conservatives were debating whether Mormanism was compatible with their political views.

Perhaps if Conservatives (Huckabee, Thompson, Ron Paul, etc.) had done what Dede did, and dropped out when it was clear that McCain would walk in, we wouldn't have had this outcome. So, perhaps it's the fault of those so stuck in their thinking they can not be strategic. Let's put blame where blame belongs...shall we?

I actually think Romney, a better candidate, would have had his head put on a silver platter with a worse outcome than McCain. It was Obama's time. GET OVER IT. McCain was leading in the polls, at times.

If anyone, I blame President Bush who created a crisis when supposedly the world was going to end without $787B of TARP.

Look at what the Dem's did..they EXPANDED their tent with Blue Dogs, Pelosi got elected and she is getting her way. We need to emulate this in parts of the country that only a liberal Republican can get elected. Sorry, the math is simple.

And, it's time to get the Social Conservatives to realize that THEY repel many independent voters who would like to vote Republican. Keep your high morale values to yourself and keep limited government, LIMITED and out of people's personal lives.

Jimmy Z continues:

@Robert: I only post truth:

McCain is the reason Obama is in office. When we run people like McCain for president, we lose. McCain is nothing but a foil to conservatism. His wishy washy brand of GOP-ism is not only unproductive, but the political version of "prevent defense."

Ron Paul is not a conservative -- he's a libertarian. No comparison. Fred Thompson could have won, but didn't have the energy he needed to campaign hard and he did back out. Mike Huckabee should have pressed harder for sure, because he could have beaten McCain and certainly could have beaten Obama, because Huck's message for this country is certainly more Constitutional.

Romney, a pro homosexual, pro government health care RINO is NOT the guy. Romney is the problem, just like all the other GOP'ers who compromise core conservative principles in an effort to "attract liberals". McCain only gained ground in the polls when he appeared to be taking a stand and moved to the right. When he wimped out again and moved back to the left, he lost ground in the polls. I remember these moments clearly.

We do not need to attract liberals - we need to attract independents. Liberals will always vote democrat. Democrat-lite will never attract liberals voters.

'Republicans In Name Only' gave this election to Obama - they held the door open for him. Bush made it worse with the first stimulus plan, true, but McCain sealed the deal when he decided to cease his campaign and go to Washington and work on the bill. What did Obama do? Laugh and keep going. McCain is a left leaning tool and cut his own throat.

Those 'blue dogs' got elected by running like Obama did - more conservatively than they are. If you think 'blue dog' democrats really are less liberal, you're fooling yourself. They espoused what they did to get votes in conservative areas. They hesitate to vote for ObamaCare, not because they don't want to vote for it, but because they know they'll be sent out to pasture in the next election if they vote for it.

Pelosi got elected because she's in one of the most insanely liberal districts in the insanely liberal northern half of California. She has nothing to do with a lack of moderate republicans.

I assume from your last paragraph you are pro abortion and pro homosexual marriage. If this is true, and you despise conservative social views, I suggest you go where you belong and become a democrat. Republicans -- CONSERVATIVE Republicans -- stand for moral principles and moral justice, Godly principles, as much as politically conservative values. Without God, and our faith in God, this nation is done for. A revival is needed as much as turning back to the political right. Without both, we cannot accomplish what is needed to save the United States.

From Robert again:

Jimmy, you sure like to make excuses. Look at the numbers. Most Americans don't want a theocracy and don't want "holier than thou" people in office. They DO want lower taxes and smaller government. So, perhaps if the religious righters would either step back or go somewhere else, we could reestablish a winning party.

Jz responds:

@Robert: I'm just saying what IS. There's no shot at winning this country back to a Constitutional basis without staunch conservatives. This has nothing to do with a theocracy. It has to do with the nation's origins and spiritual base. Anything less and we will -- without any doubt -- continue to slide into godless fascism. Look around you. Only dedicated, Godly conservatives can help us now.

Without the religious Christian conservative right, this experiment known as the United States of America is doomed.

I was right in my first post. You are the problem. You and everyone like you.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Freedom of speech more important now than ever
Pastors and ministers need to speak out on the issues


So I go to church last weekend, and though I usually go on Saturday evenings, I went on Sunday morning. The fellow who usually teaches on Saturday nights is off for a couple of weeks so I decided to try Sunday mornings again. I'm glad I went.

The pastor was giving a sermon about the time when God 'gives up'; that being, when God gives a person (or a government) over to their sinful ways. God forbid anyone get to the point where they are comfortable in their sin. Once a person does not feel guilt anymore, and can sin at will and repeatedly, there is real trouble. At that point, often God has given the person over to their depravity.

As the pastor talked, he zeroed in on some troubles in Biblical times where God 'gave up'. God did so, for instance, in the time of Noah when the great flood came. The pastor talked about the fact that one particular sin seems to be the tipping point: The acceptance of homosexuality.

Government, both state and
federal, is becoming more and
more aggressive toward churches
that take any stand politically.

Not just homosexuality existing in the world, but homosexuality being accepted by society as good and decent. Homosexual marriage. Once homosexuality is equal to God's institution of marriage, God seems to 'give up'.

So the pastor took a few minutes and outlined all of the pro-homosexual bills we've approved here in California, most recently of course the bill making a special day of May 22 - Harvey Milk Day. Milk is the famous sodomite who was shot dead by a crazed former city councilman back in the 70s. Now, Milk will be praised every May 22 in California, especially in the public schools where the bill requires some observance be made on this special day.

The pastor criticized the limp-wristed and tiresome Arnold Schwarzenegger for signing the bill. He also reminded us that a number of these bills that affect the public schools in favor of homosexual indoctrination do so without allowing parents to opt their children out. All very sick, very fascistic stuff.

I was looking forward to snagging some of these bits in the online recording from the church website in order to play them on my show. When the sermon was posted on Tuesday, I found that the portions where the pastor talked of this 'political' issues had been cut from the tape on the website.

I certainly understand why. Government, both state and federal, is becoming more and more aggressive toward churches that take any stand politically. Ministries have been sued by persons in the attempt to get the church's tax exempt status removed by the IRS.

I think it's about time that some churches do this on their own, and begin speaking freely and without reservation.

Now is the time for churches and pastors and congregations to stand up and speak out - not feel the need to hold back! The country - and the world for that matter - needs the truth like never before. What better time in our country's history for a pastor or minister to teach a Bible principle and illustrate it with our social and political problems we face right now?

Without having to worry about a lawsuit or a review by the IRS of a church's standing as a tax exempt entity, the pastors and ministers will be free to speak on any issue, any time, with as much detail as they wish. They can name names, party affiliation and agendas. The pastors and ministers will have the muzzles removed, and we congregants need that kind of outspoken leadership now more than ever.

Certainly churches would need to have their boards review this decision, and even call a meeting with their congregations to discuss it. No one would be able to write off their donations after a church moves to change their tax exempt status. But personally, I have had it with the world the way it is going, and I'd welcome a pastor who could speak out on whatever issue or politician he wanted to.

What a breath of fresh air.

If you agree with this in principle, why not take the idea to your local church. Perhaps it's time for a movement. Perhaps it's time to be free, indeed.

Addendum: I was conversing with friends on Facebook, and wrote an elaboration that would be relevant here:

I have given much to many ministries through many years. It is a good thing, I believe, to be able to give and write off a donation - good stewardship. It is also good, I think, for churches to have been able to operate as charities because most of the work churches do is charitable.

But these are different times. Years ago, churches were not characterized as the enemy by many in government and many people (atheists, homosexuals and other such vermin).

Now, many in the country are militant anti-God. It's time for churches to change their way of thinking, because these are dangerous times and congregants need to hear the straight truth about everything that's going on. Pastors and ministers cannot depend on their flock to hear the Bible message and intuitively apply it to current events.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


These are the speakers, in order. I missed Sherry Marquez and I apologize to her. I was going through the settings on my digital mp3 recorder while she was speaking.

The speeches are provided here with a player; also, there is a link provided so that you may download any of them that you wish to keep.

Keep the faith, and God save America! -- Jz

Drew Mercy, Assistant to State Senator George Runner

Click HERE to download Drew Mercy's speech

Tony Katz, Entrepreneur & Activist

Click HERE to download Tony Katz' speech

Basil Hoffman, Award Winning Actor & Master of Ceremonies

Click HERE to download Basil Hoffman's speech

Steve Knight, California Assemblyman

Click HERE to download Steve Knight's speech

Jimmy Z, Conservative Radio Talk Host

Click HERE to download Jimmy Z's speech

Larry Sand, President CTEN

Click HERE to download Larry Sand's speech

Dianne Lenning, Candidate, Sup. of Public Instruction

Click HERE to download Dianne Lenning's speech

John Stammreich, Candidate, State Senator

Click HERE to download John Stammreich's speech

C. Mason Weaver, Author, Speaker, Candidate for Congress

Click HERE to download C. Mason Weaver's speech

Chelene Knightingale, Gubernatorial Candidate

Click HERE to download Chelene Knightingale's speech

Victoria Jackson, Comedian, Actress, Saturday Night Live

Click HERE to download Victoria Jackson's speech

Chuck Devore, US Senate Candidate

Click HERE to download Chuck Devore's speech

Once again, a big thank you to Beverly Huffman for having me out there, and for putting together one great afternoon of inspiring speeches.

Don't forget to come over to The Jimmy Z Show show page and listen Monday thru Friday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Kathy provides a lot of food for thought
One post prompts discussion of a myriad of issues

Facebook can be great

I am really impressed by a lot of what I read at Facebook. I guess I've been fortunate because it's not a bunch of people typing "I'm having coffee now!" or "Guess it's time to go to the bathroom" or "Hey, 'Desperate Wives' is on!" Instead, these folks who have become part of my friends list are passing along important stories in the news and taking the time to discuss politics in thoughtful posts.

A video of Rush Limbaugh talking with caller "Susan" from Glendale, CA prompted a LOT of discussion, and while I won't take the time to show the entire dialog, I will share the posts of one woman, Kathy, who really upped the level of discourse with her thoughts. You will be able to tell what she is responding to by the topics that she touches on. As you can see, one video leads to a variety of political discussion. Enjoy. --Jz

Thanks for posting the video. I missed some of Susan's call today.

Very good discussion. I've been saying for some time now that true Conservatives need to take over the Republican Party. That's the only reason I joined the Republican Party, after being unaffiliated for most of my life. I was angry with both parties... being unaffiliated was my way of showing that anger. But after several years of things getting worse and worse... I decided I needed to do more than just vote. I joined the Republican Party hoping to find others of like mind to form a coalition in order too clean out the Liberal RINOs, and get the Party back to adhere, and advocating for enumerated Constitutional Principles.

I too am tired of voting for the lesser of the two evils. Country over Party every time is my motto. I'm still working on the Republican Party, but I sure do get discouraged at times with how difficult it is because of the distrust that people feel for the Party system. I've explored other avenues, such as GOOOH-- --But I don't think we have the time to implement a new system at this juncture.

I've always said, and tell others that hate both Parties: Unless something drastic happens in the near future to end the present Party structure, you can bet that at the end of the day, the two dominant Parties will receive the majority of the vote. So until that paradigm changes I see no other alternative than to work within the [two] Party system for reform.

For an example of Democrats using Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals against Sara Palin, check this out:

I like Sara Palin, but was so very unhappy with her when she joined Juan McCain's campaign. ANYONE that would associate themselves with Juan McCain shows EXTREMELY bad judgment.

But it also makes me furious the way the Communist/Marxist/ Demonrats personally attack her. It's never about issues, it's always about her personally. I Guess we can tell from that who the Democrats are afraid of.

Ron Paul will not compromise??? Lets look at Ron Paul: Ron Paul adds earmarks for his district, but then, will not vote on them himself. He doesn't mind encouraging other Congressmen to vote for them. And by doing this he can then have the cover of saying he doesn't vote for earmarks. He then comes out and rails against the pork in earmarks. I find that hypocritical, and certainly [one who does] compromise.

I like Sara Palin, but was so very unhappy
with her when she joined Juan McCain's
campaign. ANYONE that would associate
themselves with Juan McCain shows
EXTREMELY bad judgment.

When he was confronted about his hypocrisy on a news magazine, he just shrugged it off and said he was earmarking in the interest of his district; that there were some projects that people in his district wanted, and that as an elected Representative he was obligated to ensure their interests.

I don't know how it is in anyone else's district, but in my Congressional district these earmarks are used to buy votes. The Republican, and now Democrat Congressmen sing the same song at election time, as they preen and brag about how much pork they've brought back to their district. Ron Paul is no different. And it looks even worse that he will not even vote for his own earmarks but will then let his fellow Congressmen vote for them. That leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

This worship of Ron Paul reminds me of the Obamanites in their adoration of him.

I'm done with this cult of personality. I don't trust anyone in office, no matter how Conservative they say they are, no matter how Libertarian they say they are, no matter their voting record. They are only as good as their last vote, and how and what they do to get reelected. That may seem extreme, but setting a high standard may at least push the goal of electing true statesmen and servants of the people forward more and more.

And I want to leave this last bit of food for thought on Ron Paul: Ron Paul ran as a Libertarian two or three times in Texas and lost every time. He then switched to the Republican Party and has won election ever since. So you tell me if a third party has a true viable chance of capturing enough votes. At this time, I don't think so. As the old saying goes, Ron Paul knew which side his bread was buttered on.

I guess we pick 'em on the same standards that you picked Ron Paul as being "The One", but as we see, their are no guarantees with anyone. As I said they are only as good as their last vote, and how they conduct themselves, and their campaign for reelection. --Kathy


Rush Limbaugh talks to Susan, Part 1