Friday, August 30, 2013

• Can Obama Attack Syria Without Congress?

From the National Review morning email today:

What Is the Consequence of a War Without Congressional Authorization?

Call me schizophrenic. Call me an extremist. You can recall that I'm supportive of air strikes to punish Syrian dictator Bashir Assad for using chemical weapons -- as long as we're sure his side used the chemical weapons and that he ordered the launch.

But if a president were to A) take military action against Syria without seeking a resolution authorizing military action or B) Congress rejected the resolution, but he went ahead anyway . . .Would that be grounds for impeachment? Probably not. There's some precedent for this sort of thing:
The War Powers Resolution passed by Congress in 1973 requires that the president seek consent from Congress before force is used, or within 60 days of the start of hostilities. It also says the president must provide Congress with reports throughout the conflict.

Since 1973, the United States has used military force in Grenada in 1983, Panama in 1989, Iraq in 1991, Haiti in 1994 and Kosovo in 1999. In all those instances, presidents -- both Democrats and Republicans -- sidestepped Congress and committed U.S. military forces without obtaining congressional approval.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

• On Homosexual Marriage: It's Not Over

It's not over
August 29, 2013 | Share with Friends

Dear Jimmy,

"It ain't over till it's over," as the old saying goes.
And the fight for marriage in America is far from over.

The media would have you believe, and the radical homosexual activists would have you believe, and the liberals in Washington would have you believe that the case is closed because the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) was the last word.
But they're wrong.

The high court's DOMA ruling, wrong-headed as it was, only struck down Section 3 of the law: this means people in same-sex "marriages" who live in states that allow it, can receive federal marriage benefits -- technically, once you get beyond the bluster of Justice Kennedy, the ruling accomplishes nothing more.

So those seeking to redefine marriage out of existence are engaged in a massive propaganda campaign selling the erroneous view that same-sex "marriage" is now "the American way." And that those holding the traditional view are bigots that have been defeated by those of a progressive mindset.

Meanwhile, they're taking advantage of their public relations momentum to mount a strong drive to completely strike down DOMA and to do what the Supreme Court didn't -- and truly make same-sex "marriage" the law of the land: legalized in all 50 states.

They're pushing the ironically named "Respect for Marriage Act" to eliminate DOMA so the ederal government would recognize "same-sex" marriages in every state. Already there are some 161 cosponsors in the House, and 41 in the Senate. If supporters of traditional marriage are lulled into inaction by the radical Left's misinformation campaign, this bill will become law. And something far worse than the Supreme Court ruling will happen to America.
  • On an economic level: disaster. The Government Accounting Office has determined there are some 1,138 mentions of marriage in federal law. This means nationwide legalization of same-sex "marriage" will make an enormous negative impact on the government's budget and thus the country financially.

  • On a social level: danger. Forcing the redefinition of marriage on all states will mean a loss of religious liberty. It already means parents are no longer in control of what their children are taught about sexual morality in public schools. It already means bakers and florists and photographers are being forced to participate in same-sex "weddings" or face fines and lawsuits. Christian business owners are suffering the consequences as provisions of this law are imposed upon them.

  • On a spiritual level: persecution. The radical homosexual lobby wants to cause massive disruption to our culture by making homosexual activity "normal" -- and objections to homosexual activity "hate." They call us "haters" because we will not affirm and celebrate their sexual deviance. In fact, warning them about the risks is the loving thing to do.
There is nothing hateful about standing for marriage and doing our best in public policy to ensure that a child has a mother and a father. But once this position becomes "hate," and hate becomes a crime, Christians will be in more trouble than ever.

Yet there is hope.

FRC Action is fighting back, and with your strong support, we will keep fighting. I urge you to stand with us, for the truth of God's Word regarding marriage and its benefits to society, and regarding the harms of homosexual behavior on individuals and society.

We are not alone in this battle. There are strong, principled conservatives in Congress and they are standing firm.

The stakes are huge. Since the Supreme Court ruling, the lines have been drawn. This is no longer simply about marriage. This is about the federal government maneuvering a step closer to being able to silence Bible-believing churches and their values...

We must put maximum pressure on conservative leaders to take a bold stand in defense of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

We're approaching the end of our fiscal year on September 30th, and we must meet our $400,000 goal by this date in order to keep operating in the black and continue our critically important work, without pause or delay, on Capitol Hill.

Your generosity today will help us finish our fiscal year strong and empower our Action team to pull out the stops and protect America from the dangerous "Respect for Marriage Act" or any similar bill. We've got to be there on the Hill to support strong conservatives and to bring every possible influence to bear on those who remain "on the fence" and are open to persuasion.

This fight is not over. FRC Action will stand for this foundational truth. But we need you to be part of it. Please sign and return the petition, and give as generously as possible. We will represent your interests on Capitol Hill, we will fight hard, and we will put all of our experience and expertise to work on your behalf. But we need you to send us and keep us there.
Standing (Ephesians 6:13),

Tony Perkins
President, Family Research Council
P.S. Please forward this to at least one friend.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

• Syria: Who's Gassing Who?

This is a story a friend told me today, and we've decided to keep it anonymous. This friend is completely credible. We are looking into it further. -Jz

Right down the road from my house is a store that is owned by 2 brothers from Yemen. They are wonderful people and they love America. The oldest brother and myself have an ongoing conversation about politics and what is going on over in Syria.

I asked him about the Syrian government gassing the citizens with nerve gas. He told me that it was not the Syrian government that used the nerve gas: He said it was the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yesterday I went into the store and he showed me a video of the Muslim brotherhood testing the nerve gas on rabbits and they showed hundreds of canisters and bottles of the nerve gas in the video. He translated the video for me since it was spoken in Arabic. If what he translated was true, then it was the Muslim Brotherhood that gassed all of those children.

He said that Obama is blaming it on the Syrian government so that he can send troops over to help the Muslim Brotherhood. He said that Obama is arming the Muslim Brotherhood with weapons and chemicals.

All of his relatives still live in Yemen as does his wife and children. He is trying to get them here but it cost him $115,000 to get here himself. He talks to his family over there everyday and he gets reports about what is going on.

Friday, August 23, 2013

• Federal judge's ruling against Pastor Scott Lively

Ruling could have horrible international consequences for pro-family movement!

On Wednesday, August 14, a federal judge, denying a motion to dismiss, ruled that a Soros-backed pro-homosexual "civil rights" organization, Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) based in New York, can move forward and sue Pastor Scott Lively of Springfield, Mass. for allegedly committing international "crimes against humanity."
Pastor Scott Lively refuses to back down and is being bitterly attacked by the homosexual movement.
Absurd charges against Lively

This unprecedented lawsuit is based on pro-family speeches and writings critical of homosexuality by Pastor Lively at conferences in Uganda and in the United States. CCR is claiming that Lively's opinions were the direct cause of about a dozen minor incidents of harassment in Uganda over a period of ten years, which they consider "crimes against humanity." They offer no evidence that the perpetrators of these incidents had ever communicated with Lively, or had even read or heard anything by him! Instead, they make the preposterous charge that somehow Lively's few speeches and writings created a "virulently hostile environment" in the entire country of Uganda, and thus he is responsible.

In our exclusive coverage of the hearing back in January on the motion to dismiss, we reported how we sat in the courtroom and heard Lively's Liberty Counsel lawyers eviscerate virtually every argument brought up by the plaintiffs. At one point Federal Judge Michael A. Ponsor even told the CCR lawyer that he is "struggling to see actionable behavior" in anything Lively did or said, and that he can't see that any of Lively's conduct that amounts to "persecution" or "conspiracy."

Unusually harsh and hostile ruling on motion to dismiss

But that was then. In his 79-page ruling issued last week, Judge Ponsor accepts all of the points raised by the Soros-backed plaintiffs and denies all of the points raised by Lively's lawyers. In addition, Ponsor excoriates Pastor Lively's "offensive conduct" relating to his pro-family activity and his "distasteful" use of the First Amendment.

We're living in a time of outrageous and hostile anti-family court rulings. The Supreme Court and state "gay marriage" rulings, the rulings against pro-family businesses, recent "transgender rights" rulings, and rulings against parents of schoolchildren are just a few. But this ruling goes far beyond anything we've ever seen or even read about.

Detailed analysis coming up. Because of the egregious and convoluted nature of this case and the ruling, MassResistance is preparing a detailed analysis of the judge's ruling and how the judge has determined that Pastor Lively -- presumably no longer protected by the First Amendment -- can "legally" be sued in an American court on these charges.

What this is REALLY all about: a new international standard for "crimes against humanity"

Why is this New York-based Soros-based group going to such unusual efforts and expense to prosecute Pastor Scott Lively for international "crimes against humanity" -- simply because of things that he said?

This is not an accident. It could represent for them an unprecedented weapon for the international homosexual movement going forward.

A major driving point of the hardcore homosexual movement is the internal narrative among themselves that criticism or distaste of homosexual behavior (what they call "homophobia") leads to genocidal extermination of homosexuals. To us (and most people) that may seem to be a paranoid delusion. But that is what they tell each other that pro-family people really desire. And it's a big part of what drives them to relentlessly silence any disagreement of their behaviors through intimidation and harassment as well as oppressive anti-bullying laws, "anti-discrimination" laws, and other tactics.

However, their bigger goal is worldwide. At the end of their complaint against Lively the plaintiffs declare what they are asking for. Included is: "a declaratory judgment holding that Defendant's conduct was in violation of the law of nations." And a preponderance of the arguments in the complaint clearly lead in that direction. Thus, it's clear that their real goal is much bigger than just punishing Scott Lively.

This case could essentially make Uganda the Nuremburg of the gay rights movement. They are seeking an official declaration from a United States Federal Court that "homophobic" speech and writings constitute international crimes against humanity because of the "climate of terror" that they would cause in a country.

This would have huge value to them. It's one thing for Barack Obama to go to other countries and chastise them about their laws and customs reflecting traditional values regarding homosexuality. But it's another to have the club of "crimes against humanity" behind it.

This case represents the declaration of a new global standard. The entire world would be put on notice that all disapproval of homosexuality must be ended. You can't criminalize homosexuality in your country anymore, or even have laws curtailing it in any way -- because that would be considered on the level of the Nazis' actions against the Jews.

And it would certainly be used against any number of individuals and groups here in America and around the world.  That's the real problem. That's why they're putting so much effort into it. It's the opportunity they've been waiting for.

Pastor Scott Lively and his legal team outside the courthouse. From left: Horatio Mihet, Pastor Lively, Steve Crampton, Philip Moran
The next step: Lawsuit moves forward with "discovery" phase

The plaintiffs appear to be moving as quickly as they can to start the "discovery" phase of the lawsuit in Springfield Federal District Court. Basically, the plaintiffs will demand to see tons of Lively's emails, records, and other material -- largely a fishing expedition, it would appear, to find anything that might strengthen their case. As usual, we will keep you informed.

A final note: We have been critical of pro-family legal defense efforts in important, high-profile cases over the years. Much of it has been terribly weak and simply second-rate. Not so with Liberty Counsel. In this case they have really impressed us. They've done a first-rate job and fought brilliantly. Unfortunately, they're just up against a completely corrupt and irrational legal system on a scale that resembles something out of the old Soviet Union. This is a disgrace. In our opinion, Judge Ponsor should be impeached and disbarred. But Lively's legal team is not giving up, and we're behind them.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

• Growing Conservative Hysteria On Social Media

Here is an exchange with a 'conservative' (I believe more like an anarchist) on Tea Party Community, on the topic of America being a supposed 'police state'.  My guess is that those who believe such nonsense have never experienced a true police state. Conservatism is becoming dangerously irrational lately. This will lead to another election loss if we're not careful. But in any case, here you go.

[To Jimmy Z] The "POLICE" don't PREVENT Robberies, Rapes, Murders, Burglaries, Mob Attacks, Child Molestation, Domestic Violence, or even Drinking & Driving ...

They "SHOW UP", AFTER THE FACT, to "collect evidence", process the crime scene, ARREST homeowners, if they DEFEND THEMSELVES, especially with a FIREARM, INTERROGATE EVERYONE in the house, hoping to "pin something on somebody", etc, etc, etc.

They are more like "Garbage-Men", than "Protectors", because they show up AFTER the CRIME has OCCURRED, to "CLEAN UP THE MESS" !!!

Most of them MAY be "GOOD COPS", but there are MORE THAN ENOUGH "BAD COPS" to DESTROY any "CREDIBILITY" the rest of them may have.

The "actions of a few" have cause me to NEVER "trust the many" !

BTW - Too bad the "bad cops" don't visit YOU ... TROLL !!!

Jimmy Z is online.
Geez David, this is the kind of hysterical anti-police rant I'm talking about. The police prevent enormous amounts of crime just by being on patrol! 'Garbage men' indeed. God forbid you would ever need a police officer.
David F is online.
I have no "need" for cops to "protect" me ... Come kick in my door sometime !!!
Jimmy Z is online.
This comment of yours, David, is an example of crazy talk. Consider: Let's say the cops have no good reason, or even have the wrong address, and they kick in your door, and you 'take a stand' with your trusted firearm. Guess what happens next?

David F is online.
Well, Jimmy, put the events in order:

(1) Door gets kicked in, without warning.

(2) 8 rounds of 00 Buck go off in 2-3 seconds

(3) Surviving "intruders" realize they have the "wrong house"

(4) If I'm lucky, I get to leave this place for an eternity in Heaven.

(5) The "Garbage Men" clean up the mess.

(6) Who "won" ???

Chuck Reynolds is online.
What happens next? Simple. 40 cal bullets come my way and 30-06 bullets go their way. See, anybody can bust in a door and yell "police". If it were really so simple, every robber would just do the same thing.
Jimmy Z is online.
David F's list above is insane. I think the police with their gear come out better, and you die, and your family is left without you. What's the point? He think that it goes from 8 rounds of buckshot to police 'realizing they have the wrong house'. Not likely. What happens most likely is that David ends up shot by police. I take no pleasure in saying so, but this is craziness here, this idea that one should shoot it out with the police. Oy vey.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

• Class Action Lawsuit Against Obama and the NSA


Your Deposition Required:

Larry Klayman and Class Members vs. Barack Hussein Obama

Fellow Patriot,
NSA_logoI have just filed the FIRST class action law suits against Barack Hussein Obama to stop his mad NSA spy scheme that's targeting YOU and your family right now
That's right – while the others sit around and talk, I'm taking action and have already filed our groundbreaking class action suits in U.S. District Court in Washington DC to force Obama and his socialist tyrannical comrades to end their unconstitutional attacks on your rights and liberty.
I've taken on and defeated Presidents in the past . . . in fact, I am the ONLY lawyer EVER to have a court rule that a sitting President – Bill Clinton – had committed a crime

And now I'm on the job again, targeting Obama for his glaring violations of law, especially his use of the National Security Agency (NSA) to illegally spy on you and millions of other loyal America citizens.
You see, America is under attack like never before, and unless we stand together and take decisive action today we run the risk of seeing our cherished nation collapse and become little more than a puppet socialist state controlled by tyrants.
But the enemy isn't a foreign army waiting to invade . . . unbelievable as it sounds, the enemy is already deeply entrenched in our own government. The enemy carries U.S. passports, votes in our elections, and even rules over us from their devilish lair in Washington, D.C.
That enemy is Barack Hussein Obama.
What's more, plans are now in place enabling the Obama regime to snap the chains of bondage around YOUR wrists unless you and I unite right now to stop this escalating attack on our constitutional rights and freedoms
And Freedom Watch – the legal watchdog group that's shining the light of truth on the dirty deals and illegal activities of Democrats and Republicans alike – is ready, willing, and able to fight back on your behalf. And that's just what we're doing . . .
Take Action Now
The spies at the National Security Agency are snooping through billions of our emails, phone records, and other personal and confidential information like medical and credit card records.
Why? The answer is simple: to coerce or blackmail and intimidate the American people into silence about Obama's attack against the very foundation of our Republic: the U.S. Constitution.
The Obama agents are going through your personal and private information seeking anything they can use against you, in court or out. Whatever they find, no matter how inconspicuous it may seem, will be used by the NSA to control you and force you to accept Obama's anti-American agenda.
This NSA spy outrage is more than just Obama's latest scandal . . . like his use of other government agencies to harass and intimidate political opponents. This scandal marks a critical turning point in our nation's history, and Freedom Watch and I need your urgent support in our efforts to regain our lost rights as American citizens, God-ordained rights for which our Founding Fathers and the patriot forces fought and died.
Google_logoSo Freedom Watch has filed a series of class action suits against not just Barack Obama, but also his comrade-in-arms Eric Holder, the NSA, and telecommunications giant Verizon, the company that funneled all this private information to the government spies, as well as the other cell phone companies and internet providers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Google, AOL, Facebook, Skype and others who have collaborated in this illegal intrusion into our privacy.
Our lawsuits will force Obama and company to end their outrageous domestic spying program in which they search YOUR emails, YOUR phone records, YOUR private information for any "evidence" they can find to use against you. We WILL win, but only with your help.
Freedom Watch's lawsuits are expensive. We need funds for lawyers, legal staff, depositions, research and more. So I'm looking for millions of patriotic Americans like you to stand with Freedom Watch and me as we sue Barack Obama and the federal government, their corporate enablers, and the judge who went along with their power grab. We must do this to take back our God-ordained, constitutionally-protected rights that are disappearing each and every day at the hands of Obama.
Without your support, I fear our great country will pass the point of no return as Obama and his socialist allies in and out of government shove the U.S. Constitution into the White House paper shredder
But Freedom Watch's class actions suits will stop Barack Obama's anti-American plans dead in their tracks.
Take Action Now
I've already proven this can work by successfully suing Bill and Hillary Clinton when they occupied the White House. But we're up against a much greater foe this time, a man who isn't legally even President. And he's using the vast power of the government to maintain his illegitimate hold on the office.
These cases have ALREADY been filed and are moving along . . . Freedom Watch and I need YOU to join with us in the fight to regain our freedoms that are being stolen by the socialist anti-American forces that have infiltrated the White House and Congress.
Founding Father Benjamin Franklin warned his fellow patriots on the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."
What was true 237 years ago rings even truer today. Together, we must unite against Barack Obama's egregious spy program that allows the NSA to sift through your personal emails and more without your consent or knowledge.
This is the critical, defining moment in U.S. history. Freedom Watch's class action lawsuits against Obama, his corrupt attorney general Eric Holder, the NSA, Verizon, and other cell phone and internet provider companies, will unify Americans of all political stripes to wage a "Second American Revolution." This new revolution is peaceful – but Freedom Watch is pursuing it with vast legal force.
The time has come for We the People to rise up and reclaim control of our nation. You can join with me in "manning the barricades of freedom" against the government despots and corporate enablers who seek to enslave the American people through their despicable actions.
We MUST say no to Obama's "Orwellian" "1984" power grab. We MUST demand that our liberties be respected.
And the one way to do this is through Freedom Watch's class action lawsuits that will end his attack against the Constitution and our God-ordained rights enshrined therein. And I need YOUR help to keep these lawsuits going and on to ultimate success
Take Action Now
Don't let this be the day America surrenders to Barack Obama and his socialist agenda. Surrender assures the destruction of the American republic. Join with Freedom Watch and me as we take on Obama in court and out, and end – once and for all – his government takeover of our lives! Stand with Freedom Watch and me as we take on – and defeat – this enemy of the American people.
The entire world now knows that Barack Obama and his comrades at the NSA are spying on American citizens with impunity. And they are prepared to use YOUR confidential and personal information to blackmail you into submission or target you as a political opponent, as we have seen many more times in the recent past with this administration.
This simply cannot be permitted and we must not stand for it
Freedom Watch's class actions suits against Obama and his allies are your best chance at stopping his takeover of our once-free nation.
I'm asking you today to answer America's call . . . your strong financial support will help Freedom Watch take on and legally defeat Barack Obama and his accomplices!
Any gift you can send -- $50, $250, or $1000 or even more – gives Freedom Watch the needed resources to fight for America, fight for freedom, and fight for YOU.
Every dollar counts. With your support, Freedom Watch and I will immediately begin mobilizing millions of freedom-loving Americans across the country to join our "Second American Revolution" as we legally take on and defeat Barack Hussein Obama and his corporate enablers. Together we shall prove in court that Obama has violated his oath of office by illegally spying on you, me, and the rest of We the People.
I must count on your support today. Freedom Watch's lawsuits are moving forward in the court system right now.
Your support of Freedom Watch and our lawsuits is urgently needed. Please take action immediately by selecting here to make your best possible gift to Freedom Watch today.
Take Action Now
Don't let Barack Obama win. Don't let him steal YOUR freedom and make you little more than a "slave" of the state. Stand with Freedom Watch and me as we fight one of the most important battles our nation has ever faced. Together we can save America from tyranny
Thank you for fighting for freedom!
Larry KlaymanLarry Klayman Photo
P.S. The NSA spy scandal has rocked the Obama administration. And Freedom Watch's class action suits against Barack Obama and his co-conspirators in the NSA and elsewhere will bring him to justice. Your immediate financial support is urgently needed. Please select here to make a generous gift today to enable Freedom Watch to legally take down Barack Obama and his socialist agenda. And don't forget to forward this email to as many people as you can. We must rally the American people to stand up and fight back against Obama's tyranny. I must hear from you today.
Take Action Now